Berkay Ataseven – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Where are you from and why have you chosen CDV?

I am from Turkey. I’ve chosen CDV because studying abroad was my biggest dream from my childhood. I hadn’t had an opportunity to do so for many years, until I learned about the first cycle studies in Poland and a scholarship in CDV. I took that chance and I am living my dream now.

Why have you chosen Urban Management?

Before I started Urban Management in Poznan, I was studiyng enviromental engineering in Turkey, already at the 3rd year. Yet, I had a feeling that engineering was not for me, as it hardly focused on real needs of people and their life. I realized I needed to change the direction of my studies to the field more related to people. For this reason Urban Management appeared to be perfect, and I get more and more convinced about it after each lecture and workshop, and this is great!

What subject of study do you like the most? Which one do you find the most interesting?

All our subjects are exciting. I like to visit public places to observe peoples’ behaviour there; it gives me an insight into community and surroundings. I also like working on maps and drawings.

What does it mean for you that someone is curious?

For me curiosity is the key to knowledge, because if you are curious about something, you can learn it easily and with pleasure. Curiosity also keeps your mind busy and open. I am  curious about many things – I enjoy listening to stories of various people and I always try to learn from them and draw my own conclusions. I like myself being so curious, this keeps me so alive and I don’t belive that curiosity killed the cat 🙂

What would you like to do in the future?

I don’t have long-term plans yet, but I would really want to give new life to some dying cities. This is not easy, especially in my own country, but I want to try. Also, it would be great to work and travel at the same time. I know that Urban Management course gives lots of such opportunities as well as the Erasmus+ Programme in CDV, so surely fulfilling my dreams is just a matter of time.

What are you passionate about?

Travelling, exploring new places and learning about other cultures, seeing and feeling new cities and also tasting different cuisines.

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