Covid-19 | Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Ladies and gentlemen,

a month ago we started the new academic year. We have been preparing for a long time to introduce a mixed form of teaching at the University, which was recommended not only by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, but also by our students.

Unfortunately, the development of the pandemic in our country made it necessary to transfer most of the classes to online formula. However, we are glad that we were able to meet some of the students, at least for a short time. Thanks to the opinions of CDV students, we know that the work and effort put into enabling distance learning makes sense and motivates us to further activities.

As soon as the situation stabilizes and we are sure that we can return to our previous plans, we will be happy to resume the most flexible and adaptable to changing conditions, mixed learning.

As previously announced, the proportion of classes conducted in the Collegium Da Vinci buildings and remotely conducted with the use of distance learning tools will be different for individual courses. In the case of courses / subjects, the specificity of which requires it, we assume that some classes will be conducted in a stationary form, maintaining safety rules, while classes that do not require direct contact with the teacher or other group members will be conducted remotely.

For each subject, we will select the optimal solution that will allow to implement the learning outcomes assumed in its program, taking into account general sanitary recommendations.

You can check the decisions on the form of classes in the new academic year and the timetables at the Virtual University. Please check them regularly as they may change.

Students who cannot participate in the classes due to their health condition, are in a high-risk group or live with such people, may apply for an Individual Organization of Studies according to a simplified procedure. Such  students will implement the program on the basis of materials provided by lecturers on the Moodle platform.

Returning to the university and participating in offline classes is associated with strict compliance with the safety rules that have been included in the Rector’s Regulations. 

All people staying in the area of Collegium Da Vinci are obliged to use them.

The formula of conducting and organizing classes may change depending on the epidemiological situation in the country. In the event of changes, we will keep you updated. 

Basic safety rules.

Keep a safe distance in the campus.

  • 1.5 meters minimum.

Move around the building only wearing a mask or a protective helmet.

Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when coughing and sneezing.

Disinfect and wash your hands often.

  • minimum for 30 seconds

What will the CDV classes be like.

From October 17, 2020 until further notice, classes at the university will be held online using electronic means of communication. Some practical classes are an exception. If it is not possible to conduct them remotely, they will take place in the University building or, if the situation requires it, they will be postponed to a later date.

Do you have any questions? Contact International Student Coordinator

Iuliia Kravtsova

Tel/ Viber/ Whatsapp + 48 697 691 256