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Information Technology is a major, in which for the past 17 years we have successfully educated engineers the most sought in the labour market. Among our Partners there are the largest IT companies, including Microsoft and IBM.
"The most important for me is thinking. And it is good when it is based on knowledge and experience. I try to show the students that it is much better to combine and develop knowledge and skills, to experience problems and find solutions yourself rather than just copying others. It is worth looking for something new, trying it, arguing and cooperating. I like to have discussions with students, show examples, solve problems or create them – ask difficult questions or set challenges. "
Robert J Tomczak, BEng, PhD
Lecturer, Faculty of Information Technology and Visual Communication
Urban management is for people who want to create cities of the future, manage projects in companies and institutions of the state or private sector in Poland and abroad. This is an excellent offer for those who want to build international contacts and task teams during their studies and improve analytical skills and a creative approaches to solving complex problems.
"Most important for me is to share my experience with students. As Dutch urbanist and spatial planner I practiced the first years of my career at the Dutch ministry of economic development, in the field of regional economic development. Working at the National level is interesting, but a bit abstract. Later I started to work at RDH/Rothuizen Architecten Stedenbouwkundigen. Here my work became more practical. I was (and still am) involved in a substantial amount of projects related to (regional) urban development, city master planning, urban design and urban consultancy. I am practicing these projects in the Netherlands as well in Poland and Lithuania. In fact I am fulfilling every day a part of my dream. Working for and with society is the most inspiring for me. Monitoring progress of change, bringing understanding between people and creating concrete solutions helping people to improve their life conditions is very satisfying. I am looking forward to share this experience with young people who are choosing to step into the fascinating world of urban management! "
Huub Droogh
Lecturer of Urban Management at CDV, a Dutch specialist in urban planning and sustainable development of cities and regions.

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