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Accomodation options

Collegium Da Vinci cooperates with a comfortable dormitory located 400 m from the university building.

You can read the conditions on the Student Depot Poznań website (there is an English version). You can choose 1- and 2-room accommodation options for the duration of your studies.

The university coordinator ( will help you reserve a place in a dormitory and send you the instruction of Student Depot Poznań booking.

Student Depot Poznań Student Depot Poznań

Pepe Housing is an international rental property platform for students and young professionals.

Pepe Housing carefully chose the landlords and make sure that all the flats and rooms are equipped with basic furniture and all necessary items.

Especially for students of Collegium Da Vinci there is a 15% discount on the cost of booking with the code CDVP15.


What does Student Depot Poznań look like?

Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań
Student Depot Poznań

Why do we advise you to choose a dormitory at the beginning of your studies?

You will meet new, interesting people from different countries and cities.

You will save time and money on the road to the university.

You will be able to do group projects with your classmates using the creative meeting space in the dormitory.

If you want to quickly learn a new language and make friends.

You will not burden yourself with unnecessary formalities associated with the rental of housing.

Additional platforms for finding accommodation

To find accommodation in Poznań, you can use the services of estate agencies or search on your own. In the search you will be helped by sites, links to which you will find below.

Translation of Polish words you may find useful when you are looking for accommodation

  • Mieszkanie – flat
  • Ogłoszenie – advertisement
  • Wynajem – rent
  • Blok – block of flats
  • Kamienica – tenement house
  • Kawalerka – studio
  • Pokój – room
  • Jednopokojowe, dwupokojowe, trzypokojowe – single, double, tripple.
  • Parter – ground floor
  • Poziom – floor
  • Czynsz –  monthly fee
  • Kaucja-deposit
  • Umowa-rental agreement

You will have to contact the landlord in Polish or English. Many of them leave an e-mail as a means of communication; look for the “Napisz wiadomość”- “write a message” option on the website. Or we can recommend using SMS communication, so you will have time to write a response in a foreign language, but it is better, of course, to ask someone from Polish friends to help you.

To find out if it would be convenient for you to go to the university, enter the address of the apartment and the address of our university in the service: Poznań, ul. gen. Tadeusza Kutrzeby 10.