For students – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Dormitory and accommodation

Collegium Da Vinci provides accommodation in a comfortable dormitory located 400 m from the university building. You can find the details on the Student Depot Polonez website.

Living in a dormitory is a good way to meet new people from different countries and cities of Poland, quickly learn a new language and make friends.

When booking a dormitory, remember that the number of rooms is limited. The optimal reservation period is June. Book a place in the dormitory for 10 or 12 months.

What is important to know to book a place?

choose room type
write an email to Polonez Administration according to the instruction sent by International Student Coordinator
pay for: a deposit and administration fee (this administration fee payment is not refundable). Payment must be made within 7 days after receiving the email with the reservation confirmation from the Polonez Student Depot administration.
you must pay for the first month of your stay in a bank account, which will be indicated by the administration of Polonez Student Depot, or in exceptional cases, you can pay on the first day upon arrival (confirm this option with administration).
if you plan to check in on a weekend, you must inform the hostel about the date of arrival and time.
stay in touch with administration and be ready and inform about any changes.
To find accommodation in Poznan, you can use the services of an intermediary agency or do your own search. You may also ask a Coordinator to send you another options (if there are such). In this article, we describe how to find housing on our own.

Where can I find an accomodation?


Discover your talents and develop your strengths on tutoring at Collegium Da Vinci
At Collegium Da Vinci, we believe that everyone has an individual and unique potential, the development of which is the shortest way to mastery, success and life fulfillment. We support our students in discovering, strengthening and using their natural predispositions in practice.

That’s precisely why, following the example of the renowned universities of Cambridge and Oxford, at Collegium Da Vinci we have implemented the method of individualized work with students – tutoring.

Student Clubs

Studies are not only about classes and exams! This is the time to develop your passions and interests.

It is also an opportunity to gain new experience and implement additional, interesting projects. By the way, you can meet people who share your passions. Very often, such relationships are fruitful in adult life – student friendships often accompany us for many years.

At Collegium Da Vinci, there are student clubs in which students pursue their passions. They develop their interests, not olny in the field they study. Studying at CDV, you will be able to join clubs such as Creative Vinci, Ears Vinci or Game Wizards.

If you want to put on a new wheel – we will help you with that!

Discounts and scholarships

  • Special offers for graduates
  • Scholarships in CDV
  • Registration fee discount
  • Temporary special offers for the first cycle degree programmes
  • Special offer “Family”
  • Special offer “Transfer to the place of the curious”
  • Special offer “The second course”