Infrastructure – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Sport centre

A modern building is a place for sport without boundaries!

CDV cares not only of our students` mind, but also of our students` body. If you can not imagine life without sports activities, you will get a sports package without boundaries at our university. In our building  located at  10  Gen. Kutrzeba Street you will find:

  • 4 modern squash courts
  • well-equipped fitness room with spinning equipment
  • gyms

Sports facilities are free for CDV students! During your studies, you can choose the one you like from a list of sports sections, including:  karate, basketball, football, volleyball, gym, fitness, squash, swimming, ski and table tennis sections. If sport is your passion, you can also join the AZS club.

CDV is the second best private university  in the Greater Poland Voivodeship  in terms of student sports results. Students and graduates of Collegium Da Vinci are organizers and participants of national and international sports events.


We are one of the few universities in the country that has a modern market research studio emotionLAB. The studio is adapted to conduct FGI focus interviews, individual IDI interviews, as well as eye-tracking and electroencephalographic (EEG) studies. This studio is available for students from all fields of study, in the terms of classes and projects. In the studio, we also carry out market research as part of our university’s cooperation with business.

Examples of research that we can accomplish:

  • ergonomics of products, standardization of ergonomic standards,
  • user experience and the usability of websites and mobile applications (usability),
  • perception of brands and products, branding,
  • advanced shopper research – consumer motives and emotions, purchasing decisions,
  • visual merchandising, research of the best products placement,
  • perception of the packaging (location of the logotype, product information, prices, etc.),
  • measurement of users’ involvement and satisfaction,
  • designs of advertising materials and concepts of marketing campaigns,
  • message / communication in any form (research can be carried out from the concept phase to the evaluation of the finished message).


Tomasz Włodarczyk – emotionsLAB manager


phone: 61 271 10 39

IT database

CDV is a modern university, placing great emphasis on the comfort of learning and the use of the opportunities that new technologies and computerization create. Students use high-class equipment and high-tech software on a daily basis, acquire the necessary practical skills.

Modern labs

  • XBOX LABORATORY: A unique computer games laboratory with XBOX consoles, Kinect controllers and computers equipped with the latest Unreal Engine 4.0 game programming engine.
  • MOBILE LABORATORY: A specialized laboratory for programming mobile devices equipped with Windows Phone and Android.

Integrated IT network

The university has an integrated IT infrastructure consisting of 260 computers connected to a network with a bandwidth of up to 1Gbps. The broadband connection allows for fast, unlimited access to the Internet from any computer at the university. However, the individual profile of each student and lecturer allows to access files immediate regardless of the workplace.

Network workshop

Information Technology students use computer networks during classes, which enable, among others, IPv4 addressing, configuration of WLAN in Ethernet switches, configuration of Linux system to work in IP network, programming of network services in BSD sockets interface, configuring firewall and network address translation (NAT) on a Linux system.

The selection of network hardware and software is adapted to the accepted laboratory program. The studio is equipped, among others with: Fast Ethernet network switches, hardware routers with serial and fast Ethernet interfaces, additional network cards (wired and wireless network) for computers in the laboratory, access points for wireless network and RJ-45 connectors, RJ connectors -45 and connection testers. The network laboratory allows IT students to perform exercises using equipment that is the basis for the implementation of modern computer networks, including both wired and wireless network technologies.

Modern computer laboratories

At the university there are nine computer labs equipped with 207 Pentium IV class computers connected to the network and LCD monitors. In every laboratory there are laser printers (BW), scanners and CD-RW recorders. Each workplace has access to the Internet. In addition, CDV has two multimedia labs, adapted to classes of computer graphics and audio and video processing, etc. Studios are equipped with computers with extensive RAM, professional graphics cards Ati Radeon 9700, and 19 ” monitors, a scanner, as well as a color laser printer, all this allows to implement multimedia projects.

Good software

All computers work on the basis of Windows operating system and the Linux Suse system. Computers in the labs also have tools for programming environments: Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi 7, Borland C ++ Builder, Borland C # and Oracle 9 database and programs available under the Open Source license.  Graphic software is also available to students in the multimedia labs – a full Adobe package and a program for creating multimedia content – Macromedia Flash MX ..

Free use of computers

Computer labs are mainly used during IT classes, but they are also available for CDV students 6 days a week, after presenting student identity card.

Virtual University

A graduate looking for a job today must demonstrate not only knowledge of his/her specialty, erudition and professionalism, but also the ability to use IT tools. Regardless of the field of study and specialization you study, at CDV you will gain the necessary preparation related to the use of computer and the Internet. In 2005, we launched the Virtual University system. It includes: a didactic server, a virtual dean’s office, an on-line library catalog, student mail, and website. Only a few universities in the country can be proud of such a modern IT system.

Didactic server

At CDV, there are several thousand students and over two hundred of lecturers who teach them. The vast majority use computers at the university. To ensure work and learning comfort, we have created a system based on a modern server. Thanks to it, students and lecturers can use their own profile stored on the didactic server by logging in to any computer in the university’s internal network with their identifier.

Virtual dean’s office

This is one of the facilities that students value most. The system allows to modernize the activities of dean’s offices and to improve their contact with students. The virtual dean’s office is an extensive database system that stores information about all students and the course of their education. These data is available to students on the website. This solution allows them to check the results of exams, dates of lecturers ‘and University authorities’ duty hours, payment status and schedule from any computer with Internet access. It also allows contact with lecturers and classmates. The university has multimedia kiosks where you can look at the virtual deanery at any time.

On-line library catalog

The new IT system also facilitated the use of the CDV library collection. Using any computer with access to the Internet, you can check the contents of the book collection, search for the item you need and check the books that are currently rented.

Student mail system

The student e-mail system is a great benefit. Each of the students of the university establishes his or her own e-mail account with two obligatory addresses. These addresses are used for sending information from lecturers such as materials, reading lists and information about events or meetings organized at the university.

WWW server

Thanks to a shared virtual web catalogue, CDV students can develop and test their own website projects. By creating both home pages and advanced web applications, students have the opportunity to use the infrastructure of the CDV lecturer network. The WEB server works under the control of Apache and provides support for the PHP scripting language. From the academic year 2013/2014, CDV students use the full Google package. This means that in addition to mail, they have free access to all offered tools.

Wireless network

The students staying in the building can use the 802.11g wireless network with a bandwidth of 54Mb / s. “Access points” are located in convenient places for students -near the computer laboratories, in the university bar, in the senate hall, in the lobby on the ground floor of the building. Each student with a suitable device can not only use the high-speed Internet, but also get access to a virtual university, and even check in what classroom the lecturer runs classes.

Electronic ID card

The electronic ID card has the function of student identification document, the library card and the access card. CDV is one of the three universities in Poland that have already introduced an electronic equivalent of a paper ID card.