Admission process | Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Dear candidate !

  1. Download application documents form your account (click on apply): personal survey, application form, student`s oath, agreement and  payment terms
  2. Sign the above mentioned documents on all the pages (both sides) and in specified places. Signature is name , surname and a short signature.*In case you are under 18 years old, you parents have to sign agreement and attachment to agreement with you.
  3. Send us ( the scans of the signed documents to have a place reservation.
  4. High school certificate or certificate that enables you to start studies in your country. This certificate should be with apostille stamp (if the country that issued your certificate is on the listof  the Hague Convention.) or legalization stamp is the country that issued your certificate in not the member of the Hague Convention.
  5. Eligibility letter which confirms that your certificate enable you to start studies at the university. This letter should be issued by the Ministry of Education of your country, local educational administration centre, the Consulate of the country in which the certificate has been issued or the Consulate of the Republic of Poland appointed for the country in. –we can wait for this document 
  6. English language certificate confirming minimum B1 level of proficiency. If you have no certificate, you may have a Zoom interview. The date for the interview will be arranged after you get the place reservation status.

 0 Euro application fee (early registration) until the 12th of July.