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Admission process

  • Step 1: Prepare the necessary documents and register online

    Create your personal account here: Enter your contact details and choose the faculty. Then fill in the application form in English (except for passport data).

    To fill in the application form you will need:

    • passport;
    • high school certificate – school leaving certificate (if you do not have a high school certificate yet, tick the box “I do not have a high school certificate yet”);
    • a photo in electronic form (photo requirements are the same as for documents). This photo will be on your student ID.

    Attention! All data must be carefully filled in from the passport (it depends on whether you get a visa). All other fields (e.g. address, school name) must be filled in in English.


  • If you are under 18 years old (minor), after registration, the system will automatically generate the necessary admission documents:

    • application form;
    • application to the Rector;
    • student’s oath;
    • agreement;
    • appendix to the agreement on terms of payment for the studies;
    • statement of a parent.

    Print out and sign the above documents from the application form (section “documents”). Two copies of the agreement and appendix must be signed on each page together with your parents (first name, last name in Latin letters as in the passport and signature). Statement of a parent must be filled in and signed by the parents, and your signature must appear at the end of the document.

    Applicants from outside Poland must, within 7 days:

    • scan and attach the signed documents in their personal account.

    Applicants residing in Poland may additionally, within 7 days:

    • bring the documents in person to the Coordinator for foreign applicants in office R.006 (on the ground floor in Rotunda, look for the Admissions Office sign) on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00 or send it by post to Collegium Da Vinci, ul. Kutrzeby 10, 61-719 Poznań, biuro R.006 (Admissions Office).


    If you are over 18 years old (major), after having passed your English language exam/ having submitted your language certificate, you will be able to sign the documents online in a secure manner. Once your documents are signed, you will receive the agreement in pdf format to your email address.


  • The registration fee is 0 PLN until July 13th. To take advantage of this offer, you need to register before July 13th, attach the full set of documents and fulfil all additional requirements (e.g. pass the language exam).

    After July 13th you can pay the registration fee in your personal account using PayU service.


  • At Collegium Da Vinci, one of the requirements for admission is to prove your language proficiency by passing an entrance exam. The minimum required language level for admission is B1 (Intermediate level).

    If you do not have a internationally recognized certificate, you have to pass the exam.

    After positive verification of your application, you will be able to choose a date in your personal application form and receive an invitation to the exam. You will receive the exam results within 3 days.

    The exam is online and consists of two stages:

    • written test, lasting 40 minutes (on the Google Meet platform with the camera on);
    • an oral interview lasting around 15 minutes (on the Google Meet platform with the camera switched on).


  • Once you have your certificate in hand, scan and attach the documents in your personal account. This document must be in line with Polish regulations on the recognition of foreign school certificates. Coordinator will explain you how to legalise your education documents.


    *apostille stamp for certificates issued in the countries form the list
    *full legalization including a stamp of the Polish Embassy, for the rest of the countries.

    Please consult the Coordinator to know the details.


    Please remember to translate your high school certificate if it is in any other languages than Polish, Ukrainian, English or Russian. Your educational documents must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

    Eligibility letter

    In some cases, Coordinator may ask you to provide an eligibility statement. This statement is a formal proof that your currently provided education documentation, allows you to continue higher education in the educational system in which it was issued.

    It can be issued by the Ministry of Education of the country, by the Polish Embassy from the country which issued your certificate or your high school principal.

    For example, if you:

    a) you graduated from school in Ukraine, you only need to send a scan of your school-leaving certificate and attachments with grades;
    b) you graduated from school in Belarus, you need to make an apostille for your school-leaving certificate and eligibility statement;
    c) you graduated from school in Turkey, you need to make apostille of your high school certificate and transcript of records, translate it by the sworn translator and get eligibility statement.
    d) you graduated from school in Kazahstan, you need to make apostille of your high school certificate and get eligibility statement.

    Remember that the coordinator may ask you to provide a document called eligibility statement.
    *If you are in Poland, you must bring the original documents to complete the admission procedure.
    *If you are outside Poland, you must bring your original educational documents to the Coordinator when you arrive in Poland. Otherwise you may be expelled.


  • Confirmation of educational documents for students from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbeijan, etc. Students from Ukraine and Turkey are exempted from this process.

    As soon as you arrive in Poland, start the process of your certificate recognition. Recognition process takes place at the Kuratorium Oświaty (Education Board) in Poznan. For recognition, students must bring documents translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

    Kuratorium Oświaty in Poznan
    ul. Plac Wolności 18, 61-739, Poznań
    tel. (61) 670 40 86, +48 780 386 015


  • As soon as you fulfil all the above conditions, your status as an applicant will change to “accepted”.

    This means that you are accepted to the university and on October 1st you will become a student of the Collegium Da Vinci.

    You will receive your student status and student card at the beginning of the academic year. All information regarding your study plan and fees will be available on the Wirtualna Uczelnia (Virtual University) student portal, which you will be able to access in mid-September.

    Upon arrival in Poland, it is mandatory to bring original documents:

    • students who have signed the documents online should bring only their academic documents;
    • students who signed the documents in paper form should bring a set of signed documents and education documents.


  • Insurance

    • We recommend taking out insurance in Poland, which will give you access to public healthcare. To do this, you need to contact NFZ.


    • CDV provides accommodation in the Polonez student hostel, which is located 400 metres from the university building. You can find out about the room rental conditions and prices by clicking here: Student Depot Polonez.


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