Welcome Point Collegium Da Vinci | Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Welcome Point Collegium Da Vinci

Get to know the place of integration and support for foreign students created as part of the project of the National Agency for Academic Exchange!

It was established to support foreign students and first-cycle students in the process of adapting to the academic environment.

It also provides basic information to facilitate everyday life in a new country.

Welcome Point:

  • Provides support in formal matters related to studying at the University.
  • Provides basic information on official matters including: legalization of stay in Poland, informations on student initiatives and events.
  • Co-creates and creates integrating events and trips to cultural institutions.
  • Cares about building a sense of independence and security among students of CDV.

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Karolina Bobko

Welcome Point CDV specialist


Welcome Point is located in Collegium Da Vinci building

Gen. T. Kutrzeby 10

61-719 Poznań

room A.415

(4th floor,  Altum building)



Visit us stationary:
Thursdays 09:00 – 15:00

Students may receive support

by completing the registration form in which they will describe the purpose of the meeting.

The program is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program.