FAQ – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Admissions process for bachelor's degree programs - general rules

  • When does the admission start? When do I need to submit the documents?

    Admission for the new 2024/2025 academic year began in January and will officially continue until the end of September. It is possible to start application process without your legalized high school certificate.

  • I want to study in English, what level of language should I have at admission and how can I prove it?

    To study in English, you need to have an internationally recognized Intermediate level certificate or take a free online language exam.

    The exam consists of two stages:

    • a written test lasting 40 minutes (online with camera on);
    • an oral interview lasting about 15 minutes (online on the ZOOM platform).
  • Does Collegium Da Vinci provide a dormitory?

    Our university cooperates with a private dormitory Student Depot Polonez, which is located 400 meters from the university building. The website of the hostel can be found at the link below. The Coordinator may also share the list of other accomodation options.

  • What is the admission process?

    To be admitted to Collegium Da Vinci, the first and most important step is to apply on time and fill out the application form on our website.

    After registration, you will receive detailed instructions from the coordinator and a list of all required documents, which you can send to reserve your place.

    Once you have reserved your place, you should choose a convenient date for the language exam or provide a language certificate.

    When all documents have been sent and the language level is confirmed, you will receive from our coordinator the necessary documents to apply for a student visa.

    Remember that the detailed admission procedure can be found in the description of each department on our website in the section “Admission Process”.

  • What GPA is required for admission?

    For admission to our university, the average score of the certificate is not taken into account. You only have to be eligible for admission process in the country of your certificate origin.


  • Can I study for free?

    Collegium Da Vinci is a private university, so there is no possibility to study for free. But at the end of the 1st year, each student can apply for a Rector’s scholarship for high achievements in studies, active student position or sports activities.

  • Can I get accepted if I'm under 18?

    You may, but documented parental/guardian consent will be required. The coordinator will provide the details.

  • Can I submit my application documents online?

    Adult applicants can sign all documents in the application form. Minor applicants must print, sign together with their parents and attach the documents in their application form. Both adult and minor students must bring the original documents with them and hand them to the Coordinator when they arrive for their studies.

  • Can I submit my high school certificate online?

    For applicants beyond the territiry of Poland, it is enough to attach the educational documents in scans. Remember to submit the original documents to the Coordinator upon arrival.

  • When does the school year start in Poland?

    The academic year in Poland begins on October 1.

  • Does the university organize Open Days?

    Yes, we organize open days all year round. Please contact your International Student Coordinator admissions@cdv.pl to arrange a personalized tour.

  • How do I get a temporary residence card?

    All the necessary steps are described in English on the official website. Please check the details below. https://migrant.poznan.uw.gov.pl/en/procedury/studieseducation.

  • How to make a national insurance?

    You need to buy an insurance policy from the National Health Fund, the insurance fee for students is up to 60 PLN/month. You may conclude a contract with any private insurance company, for example PZU. https://www.nfz.gov.pl/aktualnosci/aktualnosci-centrali/poradnik-pacjenta-jak-ubezpieczyc-sie-dobrowolnie-sprawdz-to-wazne,8466.html.

  • I am studying at another university, can I transfer to Collegium Da Vinci?

    Sure. First of all, you must have the current semester/year closed. Then it all depends on the specialty you studied earlier and how similar the programs of study are. You should write an application to the Dean and attach documents from the previous university with a statement of grades with ECTS and a detailed description of the modules completed (syllabuses). Since we definetely have a different curricula, the Dean examines in detail the correspondence and discrepancies in the programs and if the programmes have a lot of similarities, then determines the program differences.

  • Is Collegium Da Vinci a university?

    Collegium Da Vinci is a private university. All of our programs are accredited by the State Accreditation Commission and the Ministry of Education. In years 2022 and 2023 CDV is listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the most popular university in Poland.

  • Is it possible to work and study at the same time?

    As a full-time student, you have enough free time to find a part-time job. However, official employment is only possible if you are at least 18 years old. Full-time students can work part-time at most.

  • When will I know I've been accepted?

    Once you have submitted the required educational documents, signed application documents including the agreement and confirmed your language proficiency level, the Coordinator will be able to change the status of your application to , “accepted”. This information will be displayed in your personal account.

  • When will the schedule be available?

    Student schedules are available two weeks prior to the start of classes on individual Virtual University accounts

  • When will I have access to the Virtual University?

    The login and password required to log into the WU (Virtual University) system can be found on the registration form, two weeks prior to the start of classes.

  • Can I change the form of payment for tuition?

    If you want to change the form of payment (annual, semester, monthly), this can be done before you start your studies. In order to change the form of payment, an official application must be submitted.

  • If I do change my plans about enrolling, will there be any financial obligations to the university?

    If you inform us by October 5, there will be no financial obligation. You should apply for termination of the agreement as soon as possible.

  • Why is it so expensive?

    While maintaining the highest standards of education we make sure that our students work on modern computers, innovative software. In today’s dynamically developing world, regular updating of material and technical base is required.

    Our task is that our graduate was competitive and demanded in the labor market, for this purpose we attract the best teachers and specialists in their fields, business leaders. Naturally, these are highly paid specialists. They bring their experience, real cases on which our students work, as well as business connections, which are so necessary for a young specialist.

    Our campus is, without exaggeration, one of the best campuses in the country with well-developed infrastructure and facilities.

    We are constantly doing research to keep an eye on the trends and be a leader in the field of education. Such research requires the best professionals as well as resources.

    All these factors as well as many others shape the cost of education. A quality educational product cannot be cheap.