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About the Careers Office

Our mission is to support you – students and graduates of CDV in the start of professional development!

With us:

  • You will find a job, internship or apprenticeship,
  • You will analyze your professional predispositions,
  • You will choose a further path of development,
  • You will prepare professional application documents, including CV and motivation letter,
  • You will pass the interview with the use of camera.


The main task of the Careers Office is to prepare the student and graduate to take up employment and help in finding the most suitable job. By organizing trainings, workshops and individual meetings with a career counselor, we want to help you on all stages of the job search process.

We offer assistance to our students and graduates:

  • career planning,
  • acquiring additional qualifications,
  • preparation of application documents,
  • preparation for an interview,
  • organization of free extra-curricular practices,
  • organization of paid internships,
  • looking for employment.

The CDV Career Office has been supporting Employers in their projects for years. Over 100 companies have recognized us as a reliable partner by publishing job offers during the Virtual Recruitment Fairs. More than 100 companies cooperate permanently with our University on the basis of a signed cooperation agreement. We are also enlisted in the register of entities running the employment agency.

We will be pleased to establish cooperation with Employers in the terms of:

  • Student apprenticeships,
  • Graduate internships,
  • Free job placement and personal counseling,
  • Support for the employer’s recruitment and image goals,
  • Promoting the employer during the Virtual Recruitment Fair,
  • Organization of lectures and preliminary selections at the university,
  • Promotion of your projects, which our students participate in.

We invite you to use the free opportunity to post job offers, internships, work placements and voluntary services. That is why, we have created a website that has been running for over a year and is very popular. If you are looking for an employee or apprentice, you want to quickly post an advertisement or you are looking for interesting people with different skills go to PRACA.CDV.PL – just check how it works!


Virtual Job Fairs implemented through the PRACA.CDV.PL website, which are held cyclically twice in the academic year,with approximately 50 employers presenting new jobs, internships and apprenticeships. Each time the job fair is accompanied by short forms of workshop meetings for students, lectures by the employer or our graduates who have been “successful”, meetings with a vocational counselor or a job broker, etc.

As part of the fair, we offer employers:

  • promotion of posted job offers, internships and internships, on our website: PRACA.CDV.PL,
  • recruitment and preliminary selection for the positions proposed by you,
  • we help you choose the right employees, determine the characteristics of candidates who meet the requirements of the workplace and the requirements of the employer. We select candidates from the Careers Office database.

The main advantages of our site are:

  • simple usage,
  • the possibility of current tracking of interest in the offer,
  • periodically organized Virtual Job Fair, which is widely promoted, which facilitates reaching at least 3,000 CDV students and people from outside the University,
  • each edition of the Fair is 1,300 people who visited the website and almost 12,000 views.

Opening hours:

– Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 10.00-14.00
– Wednesday -11.00-17.00


Office A414
Please contact us by phone and make an appointment at convenient time for you!
697 235 587
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Project "Direction to good job"

  • About project

    We implement a free project "Direction to good job" addressed to the third year students of Bachelor`s degree and second year students of Master`s degree! Its aim is to prepare our graduates for professional functioning on the labor market and in business. As part of the project, our advisers and specialists will conduct: multidimensional predisposition tests, the results of which will help in choosing the professional path, career coaching developing personal skills, advice in planning your own business, certified training in key competences in business and the labor market. Entries to participate in the project have already started! The number of places is limited!

  • For students entering the labor market

    - Getting to know your own predispositions and professional competences important on the labor market,
    - Possibility to make professional photography for use in building a personal image of a specialist,
    - Preparation of a modern CV according to European standards,
    - Help in choosing the further path of education and development,
    - Support in reaching the best job offers,
    - Preparation for participation in recruitment processes,
    - Developing the skills of professional presentation before the employer,
    - Creating and strengthening a personal brand (personal branding),
    - Participation in trainings developing professional competences that end in certificates.

  • For students planning their own business

    - Help in creating individual business ideas,
    - Ability to create business models,
    - Support in preparing a professional business plan,
    - Expanding knowledge about sources of financing business operations,
    - Support in the implementation of procedures for setting up operations,
    - Participation in trainings developing competencies that are important for the entrepreneur ending with certificates.

  • For students starting work

    - Mentoring in the first period of employment,
    - Individual vocational coaching to support the development of important competences at work,
    - Support in adaptation at the workplace.

  • Contact and registration

    Free certified specialist training!

    The training topics are a response to the needs of employers in the area of candidates' competences, they are also a compendium of knowledge necessary for every entrepreneur.

    You can take part in any number of trainings.

    Fridays - 16.30-20.30
    Saturdays and Sundays - 10.00-15.00

    Registration: Ewa Wieluńska, tel. 697 233 322

    Fb: grupa Kierunek dobra praca

    We guarantee the quality of commercial training, focus on the practical aspects of the topics discussed, the use of modern techniques and training methods

The participants of the “Direction to good job” project, with the support of a career counselor, work on defining their own predispositions and professional preferences. Modern tests help on these questions, the results of which will be obtained by everyone participating in the project. The knowledge gained thanks to them will be able to be used in building a personal and professional development plan. Advisory meetings are also devoted to the preparation of personalized and professional application documents. An important topic is the counselor’s indication of the most effective ways of looking for job offers and reaching out to employers.

Project "Direction to good job"-forms of support

  • Career counseling

    The project participants, with the support of a career counselor, work to determine their own predispositions and professional preferences. Modern tests help in these questions, the results of which are obtained by everyone participating in the project. Knowledge gained through them is used to build a personal and professional development plan. Advisory meetings are also devoted to the preparation of personalized and professional application documents. An important topic is the counselor’s indication of the most effective ways of looking for job offers and reaching out to employers.

  • Career coaching

    An important result of this part of the project is working out with each of the participants a framework for building a personal image (personal branding) and the use of tools for creating a personal brand. Meetings with the coach focus on preparation for participation in recruitment processes – professional self-presentation, familiarization with the most frequently asked questions and tasks, presenting personal advantages and resources.

  • Business consulting

    Project participants are prepared to set up and run their own business. An business adviser works with them to strengthen personal entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills. The most important element of this part of the project is to develop a business idea, to prepare both a business model and a business plan for the planned business activity. Participants expand knowledge about market realities, get to know institutions that support entrepreneurship, become familiar with the procedures related to setting up a company. They also receive tips on applying for funds for starting a business.

  • Courses

    As part of the project, a series of trainings ending in certificates and covering both the competences valued in the labor market and key skills in running your own business are carried out. Training is primarily a practical dimension, implemented in the form of interactive workshops using the latest activating tools. They are run by practitioners – business trainers, mentors and business representatives who share their experiences with participants, provide proven ways to solve difficult situations, give the opportunity to train new skills.

  • Meetings with employers and job fairs

    To make the process entering the labor market easier, periodic meetings are held with representatives of employers from the area of Greater Poland. To cooperate in the implementation of this task, companies whose industries correspond to the specifics of studies at the university were invited. During the meetings, the project participants learn about the company’s requirements for the candidates, what competencies they pay special attention to, and what development plans for human capital they have. For people entering the labor market it will also be an opportunity to present their skills and establish first business contacts.

  • Mentoring

    Participants of the project who, thanks to taking part in it, take up work under the mentoring. The care of an experienced mentor is their support in the first period of employment. The area of joint work is determined individually depending on the needs of the mentee and the requirements of the company represented by the mentor.

  • Professional coaching

    An important element of the project is also working with the coach on the development of personal key skills for the employer. Project participants covered by this form of support during individual meetings increase their skills of adapting to a new workplace, coping with occupational stress as well as time management and work organization. The scope of support is adapted to the expectations and needs of individual participants.

Team of career`s office

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