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Studying is not only about classes and exams! This is the time to develop your passions and interests.

It is also an opportunity to gain new experience and implement additional, interesting projects. At the same time, you can meet people who share your passions. Very often, such friendships bear fruit in adult life – student friendships often accompany us for many years.

Collegium Da Vinci has scientific clubs in which students pursue their passions. They develop their interests, not necessarily related to the field they are studying.

If you want to install a new wheel, we will help you!

This club is for people who make games, enjoy playing games, or just like the subject of games. The members of the club include everyone from graphic designers to programmers and people who create audio.

We create games together, learn together, play together, and organise team-building activities. Members of the club often take the initiative themselves to organise competitions and tournaments in various games. We often invite people from the games industry to give talks/lectures where our members can learn about working in gamedev. Once a month, we plan larger events, such as a field game or a trip to PGA, where you can find our stand.

The club has meetings once a week, in April on Thursdays at 6 p.m., in May on Fridays at 6 p.m. and in June again on Thursdays at 6 p.m., due to the different schedules of our members. The meeting rooms are announced on our discord and on posters.

On our discord people join together in smaller communities, depending on which games they play, and exchange insights, and discuss changes to the games in question.The circle has its own room where members hold paper RPG sessions.

After every circle meeting, we organise a team-building outing where we play board games together.

Being in the circle is a good idea to get started in gamedev, because the circle has many contacts among developers, and it is a good opportunity to present yourself in front of a larger audience at events such as PGA, and to gain feedback.


  • Circle Supervisor – Dr Bartosz Mazurkiewicz –
  • President of the club – Kacper Waszkowiak –
  • Discord server (main communicator) –

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It currently brings together ambitious, energetic, committed and passionate Creative Management students looking to expand their horizons.  Each member is receptive to knowledge, striving for individual as well as group development. Through the implementation of their projects, they want above all to achieve their goals together, going beyond the course of their studies. To learn how to function as a team, to prepare ourselves for future professional challenges and to improve our future chances on the labour market.

It is designed for every student at Collegium Da Vinci who wants to take part in challenging projects, gain experience and at the same time love teamwork. The club is open to anyone characterized by openness, willingness to act and the ability to cooperate. They focus on the personal development of the individual, but want the development of the individual to translate into the development of our whole team. They learn from each other and get away from the rat race in favour of helping each other.

They want everyone to get the most out of their time in the Vinci Square study circle.

What do they do?

  • Implementation of scientific projects
  • Organising scientific conferences on management topics
  • Conducting and organising lectures and thematic workshops
  • Participation in conferences and workshops
  • Managing the social media of SKN Vinci Square
  • Cooperation with other Scientific Clubs
  • Carrying out projects and research for companies

To date, they have co-organised events such as:

  • Poznań Service Jam
  • “Zwolnieni z teorii” – “Exempt from theory”
  • International Days
  • Charity collection “Dinosaurs did not help the dogs in the shelter and became extinct”


Club Supervisor

  • dr Marcin Chłodnicki –

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People are most important

Until now, we have operated as the HR section of the Ears Vinci circle. We are now forming one joint circle under the name HR Focus. Why? We are a team of students, graduates and lecturers who share a common goal – a passion for people and working with them. That is why, in order to realise even more interesting and bigger projects, we have joined forces together!

Who are we?

HR Focus- is a student research club made up of students, graduates and lecturers from Collegium Da Vinci.

HR Focus is currently a merger of two research clubs previously active at the University: the Ears Vinci and HR Focus clubs. Ears Vinci dealt with coaching support in business, HR Focus with the organization of HR events and outreach activities. In response to changes in direction at CDV, we decided to combine our strengths and experience and create one club called HR Focus.

One of the biggest challenges of the world today is how to function in the forward-looking world of business as a human being, who is a driver of change in many organizations. If you are curious about what are the tools for these changes, the processes within the organization from an employee and employer perspective. If you want to discuss and expand your knowledge of how people function in business and finally develop and learn motivation and management yourself, this is the place for you.

Ears Vinci invites you to experience coaching as it really is – focused on values, identity, truth and purpose. Each meeting looks different: at some meetings they learn how to run a coaching session and at others they improve their coaching competences. Outside the walls, you can meet representatives of the circle in many spaces: schools and universities, where they deliver career coaching workshops, and soon even in organizations – taking their first steps in business coaching.

What do we have for you?

If you are interested in HR issues such as:

  • Employee development
  • People management
  • Recruitment processes
  • Employer branding
  • Coaching (according to the standards of the international coaching organization – International Coach Federation)
  • Knowledge management

If you would like to participate and co-create:

  • Conferences and trainings
  • HR and coaching training courses
  • Events for students, school students and more
  • Meet interesting people from the world of business and beyond
  • Charity campaigns

Or do you have your own project that you would like to develop as part of our club?  You are in the right place!

What have we already done?

Students within the club organize events, a cyclical HR Meeting event, and cooperate with schools using management knowledge in practice. They carry out projects in which they can already gain experience in the market during their studies, enrich their CVs, but above all gain contacts for their future independent work.

Here are some of our events and projects:

  • Poland’s largest “career coaching” workshop
  • We took the HR Meeting online and, not coincidentally, it was held under the name “Does everyone already know about the second edition of the HR Meeting – How to turn a threat into an opportunity” -> CHECK OUT THE VIDEO
  • We organized an event from the Curious People Scene series entitled. “How to play to win in life?” with Rafał Królikowski.In cooperation with HR Business Partner magazine we announced a competition!
  • Together with Vox, we participated in the project “Digitisation among employees”.
  • We starred in advertisements for Collegium Da Vinci, developed, supported each other and put our ideas into practice
  • In December, we organized a collection for people from the Home for Homeless People of the “MAR-KOT” Association in Poznań

How do we work?

We work together and are open to your ideas. We meet once a week (online or in person). Meetings are conducted in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that encourages creativity.


Club tutors and mentors:

  • Kinga Zinkowska,
  • Izabela Cienkus,
  • Izabela Grabowska

President of the club

  • Patrycja Kolasa –

Would you like to join us?

Join us. Write an email to or get in touch on FB in a private message

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Sasuga CDV

A club for lovers of manga, anime, conventions and Asian culture in the broadest sense, including games and music. Our team includes speakers, cosplayers and even long-time convention organizers. Our aim is to share knowledge, create events (such as conventions or open lectures) and, above all, discuss what interests us all the most.

Sasuga CDV is a club for everyone, even if they are just starting out in Japanese culture, planning to go to their first convention or simply want to share their passion with others during thematic panels. Of course, we also welcome those veterans of Chinese cartoons who can sing every opening from the last 30 years from memory.

We also collaborate with many associations, often doing projects together or creating innovative solutions, thus contributing to the technological and cultural development of ‘fandom’ and many conventions. If you have IT, technical, graphic or creative skills, or if you simply have a few good ideas you would like to implement, come along, we will help you!

Meetings are scheduled online or in person by appointment.

What we can offer:

  • the opportunity to co-create cultural events throughout Poland
  • an introduction to the world of anime and manga conventions
  • watching and discussing new and cult anime together
  • content-related assistance during the creation of the first lecture
  • meetings with guests and interesting people from the deepest depths of fandom


  • Club Supervisor – Oskar Burdziak –
  • Circle President – Mateusz Wodziński –

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Sasuga CDV
Sasuga CDV
Sasuga CDV
Sasuga CDV

We are a club that wants to develop the passions of all its members, as well as to work within the broad field of artistic creation. We support our members by broadening their interests in the field of fine arts with a particular focus on issues in the area of printmaking.

Art Jam is made up of people who are not only very sensitive to the reality around them, but above all create. In addition to meeting in classes within the walls of the academy, we organize trips to conferences, exhibitions and other events such as open-air workshops and festivals. We hold educational meetings with cultural activists and exhibition organizers, and we broaden our members’ knowledge by participating in initiatives that contribute to their professional development.

We created the club because we want to acquire new skills, but above all because we are open to new challenges. We are active in many fields, from painting to the so-called new media of artistic expression. We also gain experience through participation in various national and international competitions.

Art Jam operates as an independent project, and each member has the same rights and responsibilities, opportunities for expression and participation in the projects carried out. Anyone who is interested in self-development and action in the field of contemporary art in the broadest sense of the term is welcome to join the club.

We work in techniques such as graphics, photography, drawing, painting, animation or film.

Members of the club present the results of their work in front of an audience, both live and in a virtual space, learn to work in a team and cooperate with external organizations.

We are students from different faculties who share a common passion. Our goals are to promote artistic activity within the walls of the university and to network with representatives of the art world.

Although we are a young organization, we try our best to help our members develop their interests.


Club Supervisor – Grzegorz Myćka, MA, who not only helps with organisational matters but is also the originator of various initiatives.

Would you like to sign up?


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If you’re into cybersecurity and system administration – this is the place for you! We unite people who will gladly sit for hours in the terminal exploiting every possible network vulnerability.

Our mission is to develop practical specialists – people, who will smoothly surf through the world of cybersec and be ready to enter the job market. Having a grasp on the current situation in IT, we hope to focus on properly securing existing and future solutions instead of pumping out tons of new ones. This doesn’t mean we just want to fit into the existing reality, we always aspire to be two steps ahead and make the challenges of tomorrow – long solved.

Gathering a community of future system administrators and cybersecurity experts gives us the opportunity to share experiences, develop teamwork abilities in practical projects and mutually widen our perspectives on innovative solutions.

We wish to help each and every one of you on the way to universalism, to building skills necessary for adapting to the fluctuating market of IT. Why should we shut ourselves off in a bubble of super specific knowledge, when we can fully understand the market by getting to know the entirety of it?

What do we do?

  • deepening knowledge of networks, administration and cybersecurity
  • cooperating with partners to gain experience on “a living organism” – taking part in hackathons or branch conferences
  • realizing practical projects
  • teaching the society about safety in the web

What do we offer?

  • education from the ground up
  • opportunity to realize practical projects
  • meetings with experts
  • helpful and open community
  • opening doors for cooperation with our partners

How do we operate?

We meet, discuss problems and solve them. Really.

There’s no pointless bureaucracy, specific limits or requirements. Obviously we verify your knowledge, help develop it and expect you to realize our curriculum, but without the academic formula in which everyone is just a number. We approach each one of you individually, thanks to which we can complement each other with ease.

When it comes to projects – if something gets positive feedback and is possible to realize, we pave the road for your ideas. Whether you want to go to CTF’s or build your own NAS servers out of terminals, WardenOwls is open to your creative visions!



  • Łukasz Kanigowski – – cooperation, enlisting, “impossible” matters
  • Michał Piechowski – – cooperation, educational support, projects
  • Jakub Oksiejuk – – educational support, projects


  • Łukasz Szałankiewicz –

Wish to join us? Just write an e-mail to one of our leaders!

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Warden Owls
Warden Owls
Warden Owls
Warden Owls

Work in Progress

This is the management of “Work In Progress” – our university art club. If you’re interested in all things related to arts&crafts – our club is the place for you! WIP, despite existing for a relatively short period of time, can boast some pretty impressive achievements – we are the authors of the mural “Dla Ciebie Też Jest Miejsce” (‘There is a Place for You Too’), which you can admire on the way to the university cafeteria.

This year, we have even more plans and goals: we will be designing and painting another mural; organizing an exhibition of our works, and of course, gathering for collective drawing and paining. We have a few other ideas as well, but we remain open to your suggestions. If you would like to be a part of these and other equally exciting artistic endeavors, this is your chance!

  • Leader – Julia Juruś
  • Club supervisor-  Barbara Kucharska PhD
  • Contact:

Welcome to the heart of tech enthusiasm at Collegium Da Vinci! We are a community-driven developer student club, backed by Google for Developers. Our mission is simple: to spark your tech passion and guide you through the exciting world of innovation.

We’re not just a club; we’re a tech adventure waiting to happen. Connect with us, share your ideas, and let’s explore the world of technology together. Get ready to learn, create, and make some tech memories!

Who We Are?

We are a bunch of students crazy about technology. Imagine a place where coding, designing, and creating collide – that’s us! We’re here to learn, share, and have a blast while diving into the tech universe.

What We Do?

Think of us as your tech tour guides. We organize workshops, events, and hands-on projects that cover everything from apps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, to web stuff. We love getting our hands dirty with code, and we’re here to make it easy and fun for you too.

Why Join Us?

Are you curious about coding, apps, and the digital magic that powers our world? Well, so are we! Whether you’re a total beginner or a tech whiz, we’re all about learning together. Plus, you’ll meet awesome people who share your interests!

As part of the rich offer of student research clubs at Collegium Da Vinci, we would like to present a newly created club that focuses on the passion for film, video production and the broadly understood film industry. Here are some key information about our activities:

Goal of the Club:
The aim of our club is to create a space where students interested in film can meet, exchange experiences and develop their practical skills in film production. We also want to build a community where experienced students share knowledge with less experienced members.

Action plan:

  • Orientation Meetings: We are starting regular meetings where we discuss goals, assumptions and upcoming events. It is an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish cooperation.
  • Visual Project Creation Workshops: We organize workshops for students interested in video  production processes. It is practical learning how to use equipment and assembly techniques. We provide training with professionals.
  • Film Screenings: We regularly organize film screenings of various genres, both classic and contemporary. This is a great opportunity to talk and share opinions.
  • Discussion Groups: We create discussion groups where members can share their thoughts about the film, analyze various aspects of the production and develop critical thinking.
  • Film Festivals: We plan to support and participate in film festivals and organize joint trips to premieres and industry events.
  • Guest Speakers: We welcome guests from the film industry – directors, actors, film critics, to share their experiences and knowledge with our members.

Together we create an inspiring space for film enthusiasts at Collegium Da Vinci! Join us and
develop your film interests!

How to Join Us?

If you are interested in film, video production, or maybe you want to develop your skills in this field, join Creative Film Production.

Contact us via e-mail: