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Practicality Centre

We connect business, students and graduates. Our mission is to support you in your start-up and professional development.

From your first day at the University, you can benefit from a meeting with a careers advisor or career coach. We support you in:

  • looking for student internships
  • starting work
  • choosing the best professional and educational path

We offer additional certified training courses to develop your skills and organise workshops, webinars and meetings with representatives of various companies! You can also create your PORTFOLIO with us! You will also meet us on a subject of practical skills and professional competences.

Now the CDV Career Office is part of the Practicality Centre

You will find out:

  • Where to look for student placements, jobs or internships
  • What application documents are necessary and how to prepare them
  • How to prepare for and perform well at a job interview
  • How to set up a business and prepare a business plan
  • Why a portfolio is so important
  • Many interesting facts about the job market

Newsletter with offers

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Portal is a portal connecting students at Collegium Da Vinci with employers and recruiters. The portal features job advertisements, internships and placements. Upload your CV and apply directly via

Take part in:

During the additional training, you will acquire or develop your competences, meet students from other faculties and, at the end, receive a certificate. Such a document will certainly enrich your CV.

From the business representatives you will learn interesting facts about the industry and get concrete tips that can help you find your dream job.

At a meeting with an employer, you have the chance to learn more about the company that interests you, ask questions that bother you and present yourself to the employer. Maybe they are looking for you!

By participating in the competition, you can win attractive prizes, enhance your portfolio with a competition project and even win an internship in the company!

Make an appointment:

  • Meetings with a careers advisor (CV, cover letter, portfolio, interview, career plan)
  • Meeting with an entrepreneurship advisor (business plan, business start-up, funding)
  • Meetings with a coach (goal-based educational and professional development plan)

Opinions about the CDV Careers Service and Practicality Centre

The 25th anniversary of the university, which we celebrated in 2021, prompted us to initiate interesting collaborations with Alumni!

Opportunities for collaboration:

  • Mentoring programme for students
  • Didactics, teaching classes
  • Conducting workshops or training courses
  • CDV partnership for companies

If you have an idea for an interesting collaboration we are open to your initiative.

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Collegium Da Vinci Alumni Community
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The CDV alumni community

is more than a group on LinkedIn...

Networking and the opportunity to find willing collaborators

Sharing knowledge and good practices, a place for referrals

Building your professional image online

Meetings at Collegium Da Vinci

A community united by CDV values – curiosity, respect, trust, responsibility

For business partners

The primary task of the Practicality Centre is to make the study programmes as attractive as possible from a business perspective. The main principle of these activities is the transfer of knowledge, ideas and experience. We invite entrepreneurs, experienced practitioners and trainers to work with us.

Benefits for partners


Cooperation with one of the oldest non-public universities with a vocational profile in Wielkopolska is not only prestigious, but also an opportunity to build a brand image in the business and academic environment and among students and graduates.


Cooperation with Collegium Da Vinci is an opportunity to collaborate with university staff, students, graduates and other companies. This cooperation will enable not only the transfer of knowledge, but also ideas and experience.


Thanks to the implementation of activities together with the CDV, each employer has the opportunity to establish permanent business relations with both the academic community, students – i.e. potential employees and other partners of the university through an extensive system of projects and networking meetings.

Forms of cooperation

The Practicality Centre proposes many forms of cooperation to entrepreneurs, which translate into real benefits for both parties.

Course partner – each of the fields of study offered by CDV has a partner in the form of a company that closely cooperates with didacticians, consults on changes in study programmes, organises workshops, internships and placements for students, and gets involved in the development of the fields of study, i.e. in the training of its future employees.

Workshops – experts and specialists from partner companies are invited to conduct workshops for students and graduates, giving them the opportunity to have a real impact on the development of the competences of their future employees.

Classes and mentoring – practitioners from companies are invited to teach as trainers and lecturers and to deliver monitoring programmes. As mentors and lecturers, they share their experience with students and have the opportunity to take part in projects to transfer knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Case study and thesis projects – each faculty partner has the opportunity to provide a case study related to their company, which will be solved by students as part of their course work or thesis under the supervision of an experienced academic teacher, in cooperation with a company representative.


Internships and apprenticeships – companies offering an internship or apprenticeship programme can verify the skills, knowledge and competencies of our students while performing real tasks in their companies, while students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in practice and gain valuable work experience.

Employers’ Council – representatives of the most active partners are invited to sit on the Employers’ Council, which plays an advisory role in the process of designing and modifying courses of study for the needs of the dynamically developing labour market.

Dual degree programmes – this is a project in which part of the course is taught at the university and part of the course is taught through projects at the employer’s premises. This makes the studies even more practical.

Networking – course partners are invited to thematic networking meetings during which they have the opportunity to establish cooperation with students, graduates, university teachers and other companies.

Find out about our offer for companies and NGOs

Contact us

If you have any questions
Magdalena Ignaczak

Head of the Practicality Centre

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