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Win the Da Vinci Scholarship worth PLN 8400 and other interesting prizes

Make a short film and win a year of free education!

Piotr Voelkel and Marian Marek Przybylski once again decided to appreciate current and future students of Collegium Da Vinci by awarding annual scholarships in the amount of PLN 8,400. The condition for obtaining a scholarship is a competition entry in the form of a film, the theme of which is “Arte / Scienza – combine logic with imagination”.

This is another edition of the Da Vinci Scholarship competition. A year ago, the theme was Dimostrazione (consistent checking of knowledge through experience, perseverance and readiness to learn from mistakes), two years before students faced Connessione (everything connects with everything) and three years back the theme was Curiosita (insatiable curiosity of life and unquenchable desire for continuous learning). Now the time has come for Arte / Scienza, i.e. develop thinking with the whole brain, keep balance between logic and imagination.

Competition films can be recorded by any technique and should not exceed 180 seconds. The prize will be awarded to at least one student and one candidate for studies at CDV. When assessing the work, the Commission will take into account the level of creative development of the topic, linguistic and technical correctness, maintaining the recommended length of the film (maximum 3 minutes), as well as the artistic value of the prepared material. The scholarship will be awarded to the authors of the highest-rated competition entries.

From the beginning the jury of Da Vinci Scholarship was always a surprise. As always we have a strong team this year too.

Crème de la crème of the Polish YouTube scene. Who is this, who is this …? Marek Hucz and Jan Jurkowski – founders of the Darwin Film Group !!!

Professionals when it comes to film, production, editing, humour, bold scripts. Winners of many industry awards, including those for the most quality productions on Polish YouTube. The Darwin Film Group is also a partner of creative video production at Collegium Da Vinci.

As they say: “The rules of the competition are fabulously simple … We expect great creativity or art, but also a reliable approach to the topic, scientific, in Italian – scienza . We encourage you to delve into the topic of genius Leonardo da Vinci, because he was just a cool wise man …”

Scholarships will be paid from October 2020 in monthly instalments of 700 PLN. Such an injection of cash can go to:

  • people who enrol for studies at CDV by August 18, submit a scholarship application and provide a competition entry,
  • current students who by August 18 will submit a scholarship application and provide a competition entry.

This year, there are additional competitions and prizes for candidates for studies in the field of creative video production. The partners of this course, i.e. 2k4k film rental, Papaya Films, SQMStudio Pietrowski s.j.  have funded vouchers for people who in their opinion deserve recognition.

  • “2K4K film rental award” – a voucher worth PLN 1,500 enabling the rental of film equipment for the implementation of own film project at the 2K4K rental (; The founder of the award is Wacław Mączyński.
  • “Papaya Films Award” – a voucher with a value of PLN 2,000 enabling participation in workshops from the offer of Papaya Films Academy on the following topics: advertising production, post-production, direction, editing, photography or forms on SM. The award founder is Papaya Films Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw.
  • “SQM Studio Pietrowski Award s.j.” – PLN 1,000 voucher for colour grading services, including a visit to the founder’s studio; the sponsor of the award is SQMStudio Pietrowski s.j. with headquarters in Poznań.

The list of Scholarship Holders will be announced by August 28, 2020 at The granting of scholarships will take place during the inauguration of the academic year 2020/2021.

The regulations of the Da Vinci Scholarship competition and the templates of documents needed to complete the application can be found below in the annexes.

We are waiting for your films until August 18. Go for it!