Quality policy – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Collegium Da Vinci declares to constantly improve the quality of education in all fields and levels of studies as well as post-graduate studies. The declaration will be implemented through efficient management, compliant with the requirements of the law and internal regulations.

The high quality of education at Collegium Da Vinci will be guaranteed by the implemented and constantly improved Internal Quality Assurance System that takes into account the specific needs of the University.

Constant improvement of the education quality will be ensured by the implementation of the established priorities, which include:

  • preparing an offer and form of education optimally suited to the expectations of recipients, i.e. students and listeners, and the needs of the labour market based on legal requirements and the strategy of Collegium Da Vinci,
  • providing recipients with opportunities to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills and the competencies necessary to achieve success in the labour market,
  • active cooperation with the economic environment as part of the creation and implementation of the didactic process,
  • taking actions aimed at effective support for graduates in the labour market and building lasting relationships with both graduates and employers,
  • professional service for students and listeners.

The authorities of Collegium Da Vinci declare that they provide the staff and have the financial resources necessary to implement the assumptions of the Education Quality Policy and undertake the continuous improvement of the implemented management system.