The president of Poznań as a lecturer at Collegium Da Vinci! – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

The president of Poznań as a lecturer at Collegium Da Vinci!

- about the city's affairs for Urban Management students

On March 26, 2019, Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of the City of Poznań, conducted his first classes for students of CDV in Urban Management. As he admitted, entering the role of lecturer, conducting classes in English, is a completely new experience for him, nevertheless very inspiring and close to everyday work as a local government member, politician, and in the past also entrepreneur. Thus, the Mayor of the City joined the excellent group of international lecturers-practitioners in the field of education of future urban planners.

Among the topics discussed by the President were, among others those related to the mobility and management of the city, with various aspects of development – political, social and economic, with the functioning of cities in the era of technological and social challenges, as well as with cooperation with local partners and the business community.

Urban Management focuses primarily on practice and practitioners, hence workshops with the Mayor of the City are a great opportunity to implement future urban planners in the management, decision and planning processes. Apart from providing students with solid and practical education, it is important to create an interesting and inspiring learning zone for them, going beyond the traditional teaching model, involving interesting people in public life.

Classes with the Mayor of Poznań will continue until May this year.

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