Egina Urusova
Urban Management, 1st year student
First cycle | Full-time

Urban Management

UM is for those interested in:

  • creating urban space
  • managing,
  • designing,
  • shaping modern cities


  • consulting companies
  • design offices
  • urban planning offices,
  • public sector responsible for  investment and spatial planning


Urban management is an innovative and the only one in Poland course being taught in English (required B1 English level – Intermediate), which was created in the cooperation with the best Dutch NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. It educates engineers that are responsible for balanced city development. The course program was prepared based on western patterns and realized by Dutch and Polish lecturers and specialists from areas related to intelligent development of cities.

Compared to other engineer studies, Urban Management in Collegium Da Vinci marks out great emphasis on development of interpersonal competences in combination with essential technical and analytical knowledge. The study not only teach you the rules of designing urban space but also better self-organization and creative presentation. It provides you with valuable abilities in scope of communication with the project receivers, space uses or investors.

Classes in the studio are one of the key elements in the curriculum. They are conducted in the form of teamwork or on an individual basis and involve implementation of specific design tasks, from the planning of work, drawing up a timetable, through preliminary analysis, concepts, up to offering creative solutions.

Courses and training sessions

Courses and trainings enable students to gain technical knowledge and skills related to designing, communicating, performing research, and making technical drawings. Trainings are conducted in small groups and are focused on the acquisition of skills necessary for carrying out tasks in the studio. 

Foreign training trips

During the first three years of study, you will have the opportunity to go on study visits to cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Copenhagen. All this, in order to get to know innovative designs and forms of management, as well as methods to cope with global challenges of the European cities.


In the framework of internships that take place during the second and the third year, you will become familiar with the reality of your future profession by testing your knowledge in urban design offices, consulting companies, engineering companies, as well as local and central government units.


Individual coaching sessions will help you develop interpersonal skills necessary for effective work in design teams. In cooperation with a coach, you will be able to optimally shape your career development plan, based on your qualifications and experience.

International exchange

During the second and the third year, students have the opportunity to participate in a student exchange programme with a Dutch university NHTV Breda. Owing to this, you will broaden your experience not only with work in an international environment, but also with a network of valuable contacts.

Iuliia Kravtsova

International Student Coordinator
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Polityka prywatności

About the studies

Registration fee – 130 EUR

To reserve a place you are supposed to register online, collect the required documents and pay registration fee.

Partners of the faculty

Polish-Dutch partnership for education

About UM

A strong emphasis on the development of interpersonal skills, combined with technical and analytical knowledge necessary to practice as an urban planner. 

Your knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge of rules applicable in the area of ​​design technical and engineering tasks, which enable planning and supervising the process of developing urban and architecture programmes, plans, strategies, concepts, and projects.
  • Managing a team of economists, urban planners and architects in the scope of planning and designing solutions for urban areas.
  • Development of concepts of urban plans, preliminary forecasts and feasibility studies.
  • Knowledge of modern technological solutions enabling development of projects, visualisations and management of the team’s work.
  • Ability to use in the practice of graphic software necessary in the process of urban and architectural design, and spatial analysis.
  • Ability to communicate with representatives of public and private sector, including drawing conclusions, suggesting solutions and decision-making.
  • Knowledge of key elements of the city’s economy, constructing the public budget, financial and investment planning, their mutual relationships and the impact on the effectiveness of management.


On the rapidly changing labor market, the most important next to specialist skills are the so-called soft skills such as: project management, effective communication, team work or self-presentation, which you will acquire at Collegium Da Vinci.

The university career office will help you find paid internships and find a job after agaduation.

The Erasmus program will enable you to start learning at partner universities in Europe.


Urban Management combines international academic and practical experience.

Classes are taught by an international faculty of lecturers – business and public sector practitioners, active in the area of ​​urban and regional development in Europe.

The program partner of the faculty is Breda University of Applied Sciences.


Full-time studies

The 3 + 2 model allows you to study daily and get work experience.

  • 3,5 years


  • 7 semesters

    Number of trimesters

  • 2236

    Numer of hours

  • 2 236


Teaching staff

“Most important for me is to share my experience with my students. As Dutch urbanist and spatial planner I practiced the first years of my career at the Dutch ministry of economic development, in the field of regional economic development. Working at the National level is interesting, but a bit abstract. Later I started to work at RDH/Rothuizen Architecten Stedenbouwkundigen. Here my work became more practical. I was (and still am) involved in a substantial amount of projects related to (regional) urban development, city master planning, urban design and urban consultancy. I am practicing these projects in the Netherlands as well in Poland and Lithuania. In fact I am fulfilling every day a part of my dream. Working for and with society is the most inspirering for me. Monitoring progress of change, bringing understanding between people and creating concrete solutions helping people to improve their life conditions is very satisfying. I am looking forward to share this experience with young people who are choosing to step into the fascinating world of urban management!”
Dutch urban planner. Urban management lecturer.

Robert Tomczak, BEng, PhD


Robert Tomczak, BEng, PhD


expandAbout me

expandA graduate of Poznan University of Life Sciences: the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Specialization: information technology in Agricultural engineering.

expandHe defended his PhD thesis on the analysis of a complex acoustic signal with the use of neural networks in 2008. His scientific interests include issues related to artificial intelligence, neural networks and their practical use as well as the effective use of modern information technologies. In the years 2001-2013, the administrator of network and information systems, the coordinator for the security of networks and information systems (on behalf of the Rector) at Poznan University of Life Sciences. He also dealt with others designing solutions and administering server, network and access systems for the university.

expandCurious about:

expandIn addition to science, he deals with the implementation of security systems and the management of computer systems and networks. Passionate about Free Software and creativity on open licenses. He devotes free time to photography, vehicle mechanics, network security analyses and network systems.

Sylwia Mikołajczak

Dean`s representative of the faculty Urban Management

You can meet me:

Urban Management

Sylwia Mikołajczak

Dean`s representative of the faculty Urban Management


expandSylwia Mikołajczak professional experience of sixteen years focuses on topics related to the functioning of cites, local and regional governments. Based on international experience, specific areas of interest and professional practice include spatial planning, urban management, local cooperation, strategic and economic development. For over twelve years she has been working with Dutch partners in projects in the field of integrated development and water management. She participates in the implementation of Dutch government programs and actively cooperates with The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland. Recently involved  in projects in Lithuania.

Ed Ravensbergen

Urban management lecturer

Ed Ravensbergen

Urban management lecturer


expandArchitect, Urbanist, Researcher, Lecturer and Social Entrepreneur. Urban management lecturer.

expandHe worked as a designer and project leader for leading and internationally acclaimed Dutch firms in the field of architecture and urban design, before starting his own office Nieuwbruut with Marc Holvoet, after winning a number of competitions (Europan, Eo Wijers) in 2010.

expandHe was a part of international collaborations on projects in various countries, such as France, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia and Poland. Starting with urban planning and design, Nieuwbruut’s work gradually and increasingly came to include doing research. Their research involves exploring processes that are shaping today’s cities and their suburbs, and the civic, social and economic domains.

expandCurrently working as a lecturer for NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences at the department of Built Environment.

Marc Holvoet

Urban management lecturer

Marc Holvoet

Urban management lecturer


expandLandscape architect, urbanist, researcher, lecturer and social entrepreneur.

expandHe worked as a designer and project leader for leading and internationally concerned dutch firms in the field of landscape architecture and urban design, before starting his own office Nieuwbruut with Ed Ravensbergen, after winning a number of competitions in 2010.

expandHe was trained as a landscape architect at the Wageningen University and the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, and gained recognition and experience with the construction of large housing projects and urban renewal and expansion projects as well as regional planning. He was a part of international collaborations on projects in various countries, such as Finland, United Kingdom, and U.S.A.

expandThe work of Nieuwbruut, starting with urban planning and design, progressively included doing research. On exploring processes that are shaping today’s cities and their suburbs, and the civic, social and economic domains. Last winter Marc completed a research called ‘Building Block for Liveable Neighbourhoods’. Currently he is conducting a EU-research Metamorphosis on the impact of children behaviour on mobility and liveability of city’s.
Marc Holvoet is currently also working as a lecturer and researcher for NHTV university of applied science at the department of Built Environment.

The Curious


The application form must be filled out in English.


1)  Copy/scan of your passport / ID.

2 ) School leaving certificate or relevant document obtained abroad, legalized and/or with an apostille (authentication) attached, which authorizes you to apply for enrolment at a higher learning institution. This must be in line with Polish regulations on the recognition of foreign school certificates.

3) A medical certificate stating that there are no contraidications for you to take up studies in a chosen field and specific study mode. Download the document below.

4)  Documents from the application platform must be printed and signed on each separate page: personal questionnaire, application letter to CDV Rector , contract (2 copies) and attachment to the contract  (2 copies)

5) Parent release form if you are under the age of 18 at time of application.  Ask a coordinator to send you the document.

5) An insurance policy to cover medical treatment costs incurred in the event of illness or accident while studying in Poland or an European Health Insurance Card. These documents must be obtained within 30 days of enrolment and not later than 30th September of the given year. No such documents are necessary if you join the Polish National Health Fund.

6) Confirmation of registration fee

* 0 Euro early registration till 12.07.19

*130 Euro late registration after 30.09.19

CDV account details for registration fee payment:


Ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 2-8

53-569 Wrocław

EUR – PL 79 1090 1476 0000 0001 3626 7962


7 ) Your English Language level- B1 Intermediate can be proved:

* Skype interview
*International English Language Certificate


*Please, keep in mind that all documents submitted in a language other than Polish, Russian, Ukrainian or English must be translated into Polish by a sworn-in translator.

Your documents should be sent on email or to the address below:

Collegium Da Vinci

International Student Office
Ul. Gen.T.Kutrzeby 10
61-719 Poznań

Documents to download:

Medical certificate ENG 

* visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying

Consult us to know the specific details:


Tuition fee. Full-time studies. Academic year 2018/2019.

Urban Management

Bachelor of engineering. Full-time studies. Duration 3,5 years.

Registration fee

  • 0
    until 12.07.19
  • 130
    after 30.09.19

Tuition fee

  • 3000
    1 year

    *visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying


  • 2x 1500
    half a year

    *visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying


  • 12x 250
    1 month

    *visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying



  • Activities being held by renowned practitioner on labor market , your potential employers!
  • You work in small groups
  • You lead your own coaching sessions
  • You receive consultations with mentor
  • You got access to modern equipment and software
  • Mentor watches your development – guardian of the course
  • Real support by Career’s office in search of practices, internships and work.
  • Number of additional activities such as brand meetings or workshops: KOMPAS, AULA POZNAŃ
  • Contribution in business projects

Do you have any questions?

Iuliia Kravtsova

International Student Coordinator

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