Collegium Da Vinci among the most popular universities in Poland! – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Collegium Da Vinci among the most popular universities in Poland!

For the first time in history, CDV appeared on the prestigious list of the Minister of Education and Science.

Collegium Da Vinci appeared on the list of private universities most often chosen by applicants according to the total number of applications (over 1,000) for the first-cycle studies and second-cycle studies in the academic year 2022/2023.

The university appeared in the ranking both in the area of full-time studies (with 1,951 applications) and part-time studies (with 1,202 applications).

“For me personally, as a person who has been co-responsible for the implementation of education at Collegium Da Vinci for many years, this is a special day. It is a great reward for all employees of the University that Collegium Da Vinci for the first time of its history appeared on the ministerial list of private universities in Poland most often chosen by applicants. This result is even more pleasing as it confirms that what and how we teach at CDV is appreciated by our students and applicants. They appreciate the educational model, which is unique on a national scale, as well as practical courses designed with business partners and systematically introduced to the offer. We managed to do this, even though CDV is still a regional university located primarily in Poznań and Greater Poland, and in the ministerial ranking we had to compete with nationwide brands and universities operating in cities much larger than Poznań. Thus the result obtained by CDV should be appreciated even more.”
Krzysztof Patkowski, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences
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The report of the Ministry of Education and Science also includes lists of the most popular disciplines and faculties in first-cycle full-time studies.

Among the academic disciplines most frequently chosen by Polish students there are also those ones offered by Collegium Da Vinci:

  • management and quality science (76,047 applications) – as part of of Creative Management course in Polish and English, Business Manager and IT Project Management at Collegium Da Vinci,
  • computer science and telecommunications (67,524 applications)- as part of Information Technology course in Polish and English at Collegium Da Vinci.

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