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The CDV library provides access to scientific sources of information on the disciplines represented at the university. In order to meet the educational and research needs of our readers, we offer collections in the field of social sciences (psychology, pedagogy, political sciences, law), technical sciences (IT) and art.

The CDV library is a modern, reader-friendly place. Traditional collections are entirely available on the principle of free access to shelves. We also offer access to electronic resources such as: Ibuk, Ebrary, Lex and databases available as part of the Virtual Science Library (Ebsco, Elsevier et al.). Readers can use computer stations with access to a printer and scanner.

In the CDV Library, you can use the Reading Room of the Women’s Association Konsole, which presents an extremely rich collection of publications on feminism, gender, queer and anti-discrimination.

Library resources Library resources

Opening hours

9:00 - 17:00
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Contact us

Joanna Ślatała

61 271 10 78

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room R31

Network resources

In order to familiarize our readers with electronic sources of knowledge, we present links to network resources that may be particularly useful in scientific work. The database will be constantly developed, we count on suggestions from the readers. Please submit interesting pages by e-mail or in the library.

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Librarian training

There is a link below to the e-learning course that allows you to do virtual library training. It is intended for students using the Collegium Da Vinci library. Thanks to it, you can get acquainted with the principles of library functioning and how to search for books. First-year and part-time (first-cycle) students are required to complete the course of the General Module. To obtain a credit for this subject, the test completing the course should be positively solved. Detailed information can be found in the Virtual University, in the tab: Library.

librarian training librarian training

The rules for using the CDV Library can be found in the regulations.