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Student Clubs

Studies are not only about classes and exams! This is the time to develop your passions and interests.

It is also an opportunity to gain new experience and implement additional, interesting projects. By the way, you can meet people who share your passions. Very often, such relationships are fruitful in adult life – student friendships often accompany us for many years.

At Collegium Da Vinci, there are student clubs in which students pursue their passions. They develop their interests, not olny in the field they study. Studying at CDV, you will be able to join clubs such as Creative Vinci, Ears Vinci or Game Wizards.

If you want to put on a new wheel – we will help you with that!

Game Wizards

This student club brings together people fascinated by game development and the entire gamedev world.

They say about themselves “We are not pro – each of us learns, we sometimes make mistakes, but we make our dreams come true”!

They conduct practical classes, they do not bore you with long lectures. They focus on learning and fun. They want to share their knowledge, learn new things and create a lot of great titles. They are helped by their own NerdCave (workshop room + chill / game room), a library of digital and analog games, and meetings with famous creators or gamedev studios from all over Poland.

What do they do?

They play, design, program, animate, edit YouTube videos, organize tournaments and game jams, and develop their skills in every area of ​​the gaming world. In Game Wizards everyone will find something for themselves. They help not only those who are just starting out in this direction, but also those who are a bit more advanced. Everyone will spread their wings.

The club has been operating since January 2018. So far, they have appeared at such events as:

  • Pyrkon,
  • Poznan Game Arena,
  • Pixel Heaven,
  • Students Science Expo.

They organized their own game jam – Mage Jam and the Para Dice games tournament.


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Meet Dawid Matuszewski, one of the founders of Game Wizards