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A new Da Vinci education model

Find out the innovative, original model of higher education at CDV!

Collegium Da Vinci is a university where in a friendly atmosphere, people curious about the world and employees of the future discover their passions and acquire the most up-to-date practical knowledge. And all this in accordance with the new Da Vinci model of education – an innovative, original design of the higher education model!

The Da Vinci education model, in addition to focusing on shaping the competences of the future, following the example of Western universities, allows for a far-reaching individualization of the study path to maximally adjust it to the skills, talents, expectations and time possibilities of the student.

What is its advantage?

This model of education gives the opportunity to flexibly create an individualized education path with the support of experts, incl. tutors, mentors, graduates or representatives of the business environment.

In addition to the obligatory course modules in a given field of study, the student also chooses a number of modules, which may or may not be related directly to the field of study. They can constitute the so-called interdirectional modules.

This solution allows not only the individualization of the study path, but also its interdisciplinarity.

In the Da Vinci education model, we focus on:

  • practicality: Practicality Center, Bachelor`s or Bachelor of Engineering`s project thesises, lecturers-practitioners, networking, coworking and internships,
  • individualization: modules to choose from, mentoring, tutoring, e-learning, Integration Week,
  • competences and talents: future and directional competences, talents according to Gallup, certificates and individual portfolio.

Get to know the new Da Vinci education model better!

Listen to the conversation of Vice-Rector, Łukasz Fojutowski, PhD and the Dean Krzysztof Patkowski, PhD on the details of the education model and the backstage of its creation:

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