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CDV recommendations regarding the use of generative AI tools

Collegium Da Vinci have prepared recommendations for our teaching Staff as well as for our students regarding the use of generative Al tools.

CDV is open to the use of new technologies, IT tools and text generators, e.g. ChatGPT and video, image or sound generators in teaching and research activities.

AI generators have been in use on a daily basis and we can take advantage of them in the teaching and learning processes as well as academic work, however, it is essential to use their potential skilfully. We believe that it is necessary to learn the possibilities and limitations of the generative AI tools, as this will contribute to a reflective and critical use of these new possibilities. At the moment, we are at a stage in the development of technology that is not yet fully regulated by law, so it is extremely important to use the available tools in the field of generative artificial intelligence responsibly, ethically and transparently.

We are of the opinion that the use of content generators such as ChatGPT, in the teaching and research processes requires a conscious consideration of ethical principles, the necessity to verify the generated content, and the creative and careful use of the obtained results.

We recommend the responsible use of content-generating tools and the building of the awareness of the dangers associated with the issue of copyright infringement and the risk of sharing personal and sensitive data or company secrets. It is also important to be aware that generative AI tools may generate content that may contain copyright protected elements.

We recommend limited trust in the content generated by generative AI tools and other online sources. A critical approach is necessary due to possible errors in the content, references to misleading or non-existent sources, bias, lack of context or other limitations of the tools. It is worth verifying the correctness of the generated content with reliable external sources.

We advocate that the content generated by generative AI tools should be approached critically and treated only as a tool to aid your work. The content generated by generative AI tools can be a source of inspirations or ideas, and a basis for creative use; it can also support the teaching process if used in accordance with ethical principles, legal regulations and respect for copyrights.

The unprocessed content generated by content generators requires the source of its generation to be indicated, as it is not the creation of the user (students, teachers and researchers). The content generated by these tools can only be the basis for independent and creative work. It is not allowed to copy the content generated by generative AI tools and treat it as your own work. Honesty and transparency are always required when using generative AI tools, therefore, it is always necessary to indicate the stages of use of the support from generative AI tools and the extent to which these tools were used in the works carried out.

It is necessary to bear in mind that students may use content generators dishonestly when writing their assignment papers, therefore, we recommend the preparation of such forms of obtaining credit (e.g. written exams in the classroom, oral exams, “defence” of the project), which allow for the effective verification of the actual knowledge and skills of the students.

We encourage you to educate yourself on how to use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, in a skilful yet ethical way.