Documents and legalization – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

1)  Documents from the application platform must be printed out and signed on each page: personal questionnaire, application, agreement (2 copies), regulations for fees (2 copies) and student oath.

*applicants under 18 should also remember:

agreement and regulations for fees shoul be signed not only by the applicants, but also by the parents/parent or legal guardian, parents/ parents or legal guardian should fill out the statement

* signature should include: name, surname and your personal handwritten signature.

2 ) High school certificate or relevant document obtained abroad, legalized or with an apostille  attached (if the country that issued your certificate is on the list), which authorizes you to apply for enrolment at a higher learning institution. This must be in line with Polish regulations on the recognition of foreign school certificates.

*Non-legalized documents will not be accepted in Poland for the process of recognition of your certificate acquired with foreign education documents not later than the end of the first study semester. The recognition of the high school certificate takes place in Kuratorium Oświaty in Poznan.

3) Eligibility letter 

confirmation from the Ministry of Education stating that your high school certificate certificate (serial number) issued by (name of school or other institution that gave you this certificate) on the date gives you permission to continue studies at the university level.

4) Confirmation of registration fee

0 Euro early registration until 12.07.2022
20 Euro – from 13.07.2022
CDV account details for registration fee payment:


Ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 2-8

53-569 Wrocław

PL 79 1090 1476 0000 0001 3626 7962


*Please remember that if you have not received your high school certificate as well as eligibility letter yet, your application may get the status of place reservation only on the basis of the signed application documents.

*Please, keep in mind that all documents submitted in a language other than Polish, Russian, Ukrainian or English must be translated into Polish by a sworn-in translator.

Your documents should be sent on email and after verification to the address below:

Collegium Da Vinci

International Student Office

10 Gen. T. Kutrzeby Street

61-719 Poznań