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Cyber Security Course

Training course HackerU

Cyber Security Course by HackerU is dedicated to both IT professionals and enthusiasts motivated to start their career in Cyber Security – one of the world’s fastest developing industries.

We believe that expertise is gained by experience. Within our unique educational program and one of two available paths (offensive or defensive cyber security), students will learn practical aspects of Cyber Security via real-time cyber labs, hands-on practice and attack simulations.

Completing the course creates the opportunity to pass the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification Exam, which results in a job guarantee at one of our partners.

Why HackerU?

  • Exclusive training program created by Israeli Cyber Force experts, the first and one of a kind in Poland
  • Dedicated to everyone, regardless of the background and experience
  • Expertise by experience: learning via real-time cyber labs, hands-on practice with attack simulations
  • Employment guarantee
  • Unique Initial Phase examining candidate’s predispositions without financial risk

Desired Profession

Cyber Security in Poland, Europe, and the rest of the world has a growing skilled worker shortage. In 2020 we already face 3 mln of vacats in the industry. This is why Cyber Security Expert is expected to become one of the best-paid and most desired professions.

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Meet HackerU

HackerU is a world-renowned provider of Cyber Security consulting, training, and technological solutions. Founded in 1996 in Israel, with over 20 years of leadership in the Cyber Security Space, it has become the official training provider for The State of Israel’s Cyber Security elite. HackerU Israel has evolved into HackerU Global Education. Our mission is to build the world’s Cyber and Digital Workforces through our unique ecosystem that spearheads technological innovation, industry-leading services and market-driven trainings. HackerU-powered training programs empower universities and academic institutions around the globe, including the US, Africa, Asia and Europe.

HackerU trainers

HackerU trainers are not only academic professionals, but first of all world’s top class experts and experienced practitioners in the cyber field. We’ve applied the best practices from our top-tier classroom methodologies and enhanced our online offer by creating an online educational program.

Our methodology and ecosystem let us educate our students to become cyber experts online, and prepare them for immediate employment in the commercial sector.


Offensive Cyber Security – 600h

The objective of this course is to train the next generation of offensive cybersecurity professionals.

We use proprietary technology to simulate live cyber attacks, to to protect against them and prevent breaches.

Instructors challenge students with the most current and up to date scenarios and enable students to enable them to perform a variety of penetration tests applicable for industry, government, and military roles.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to pass Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification Exam and to get immediate employment in the commercial sector.

What do we offer in Red Team program?

What do we offer in Blue Team program?

  • 20h Cyber Security 101

    Introduction to IT and Cyber Security.

  • 30h of the Introductory course

    This part of the course includes the study of the following topics: Windows OS, Basics of the Network, Network Attacks, Linux OS, Cyber Attack Cycle Overview, Cyber Attack Cycle in Practice, Countermeasures and Defense.

  • 140h of the Azure Administration

    Windows Client Introduction, Windows Server 2016 Introduction, Domain Name System (DNS), Active Directory, PowerShell, Group Policy, Shares and Permissions, DHCP, Disk Management, Microsoft endpoint security, Security Policy and Authentication, Azure Basics, Azure Administration

  • 120h CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

    This part includes the study of Network Introduction, Communication Models and Protocols, Switch and IOS Basics, VLAN and Trunk, Switch and Protocol Security, IP Technologies, Routing Methods, WLAN Concepts and Implementations, Infrastructure Services, Network Security, Network Management and Troubleshooting, Load Balancing and Redundancy, Automation and Programmability.

  • 20h of the Cloud Security

    Using cloud platforms, managing and protecting cloud environments, working with AWS Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, learning competencies and skills mandatory to pass CSA CCSK exam.

  • 30h of the Linux Security

    Managing and operating the open source Linux and Kali Linux operating system, navigating the Linux file system, executing basic commands, configuring network services, handling access privileges and exploiting restrictions. The course also prepares for the LPI Linux Essentials certification exam.

  • 30h of Network Security

    Network Security systems and their architecture, Secure management and access, Network attacks and their prevention, Network traffic analysis, Practical cryptography, Firewall fundamentals, VPN technologies, Network monitoring.

  • 30h of Cyberinfrastructure and Technology

    The course provides the knowledge and practical training needed to design and maintain secure infrastructure, as well as an in-depth study of the many different methods of defence infrastructure. This part of the course works with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions and open source tools such as Splunk. It offers learning various practical security measures that can be used to strengthen networks, devices and cloud infrastructure.

  • Perform introduction of various security measures

    In this course students will be asked to perform introduction of various security measures. We mainly place emphasis on preparations for CompTIA Security+ certification exams.

  • 50h of Offensive Security: ethical hacking

    The deep understanding of black hat hackers’ mindset is necessary to beat them at their own game, foreseen upcoming threats, reveal the way of thinking of criminal hackers thanks to practical lab-based learning designed to develop skills necessary to detect systems’ vulnerabilities, protecting against cyber attacks, including social engineering attacks, network attacks, applications attacks and cryptography attacks.

  • CompTIA Security+ and CySA+

    The course is the further stage of preparations to CompTIA Security+ and CySA+.

  • 40h of Incident Responding and Threat Hunting

    This part of the course includes: digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), gaining the knowledge of conducting effective threat search procedures and identifying elusive threats, as well as ability to deal with cyber attacks in real time and working in a team of the Centre for Security of Operations (SOC), investigating network attacks, host attacks and reversing malware engineering (understanding their objectives and operation in vulnerable systems), advanced threat detection techniques, machine learning and user behaviour analysis.

  • 10h of Career Services

    Including creating a LinkedIn profile, non-standard CV writing and preparation for job interviews.

Admission & Educational Process

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Individual consultation with our Cyber Security Education expert scheduled to make you learn more about our offer, conditions for joining one of the world’s top Cyber Security programs and career opportunities in this field.

Sorting phase

A comprehensive course identifying your potential to work in Cyber Security with no financial risk preceded with a short introduction to Cyber Security.

Full Cyber Security Program

Top practical program preparing you to start your career in Cyber Security.

Employment guarantee

We ensure employment for each of our graduates at one of our partner companies.

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