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Da Vinci Scholarship: Make a video and win a year of study for free!

You have 180 seconds to win the hearts of the Jury and win a scholarship PLN 8,400!

You have 180 seconds to win our hearts and win the Da Vinci scholarship PLN 8,400! Record a movie inspired by the theme of the 25th anniversary of Collegium Da Vinci – “I am curious about the past and the future” – and study almost one year for free!

This is the next edition of the Da Vinci Scholarship competition established by Piotr Voelkel and the late Marian Marek Przybylski, founders of the University. A year ago, the leitmotif of the competition task was the slogan Arte / Scienza, i.e. develop your thinking with your whole brain, keep the balance between logic and imagination.

In the year of the 25th anniversary of the University’s existence, we invite you to celebrate together in accordance with the slogan “We are interested in the past and the future”!

What do you need to know about the competition?

  • Competition films may be recorded using any technique and should not exceed 180 seconds.
  • Recruitment has already started and will last until August 18.
  • The award will be awarded to at least one student and one candidate to study at CDV.
  • When evaluating a given film, the committee takes into account, first of all, the level of creative development of the topic, linguistic and technical correctness, including compliance with the recommended length of the film, as well as the artistic value of the film.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to the authors of the highest-ranked competition entries.

And who will sit on this mysterious jury?

This year, the competition films will be assessed by Wojciech Drewniak well-known for the popular YouTube channel “Historia bez censury”, which can boast of over a million subscribers!

Wojciech Drewniak is a historian with a remarkable sense of humor. In addition to being the face of the program “History Without Censorship” and writing the scripts of individual episodes, he is also the author of the book series of the same title.

The creator of the channel is Tomasz Okoń, Paweł Chilczuk is responsible for the content of the episodes, while Marta Zalewska makes sure that everything is buttoned up to the last button.

The “Historia bez censury” channel is not a typical channel telling about historical events, where dates, facts and names count, and Collegium Da Vinci is not a typical university, it is the University of the Curious!

Be sure to check out the next episode of the program “History without censorship”: “Formatting a citizen. History of education”, which was created in cooperation and under the patronage of Collegium Da Vinci as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our university.

Show us your perspective – let’s meet at Collegium Da Vinci in the next academic year!

The regulations of the Da Vinci Scholarship competition and the templates of the documents required to complete the application are available below in the attachments.

Please send your competition works to the following address: ciekawi@cdv.pl.

We are waiting for applications until August 18, and the list of Laureates will be announced on cdv.pl!