Cracow Project conducted by Urban Management students – Collegium Da Vinci Poznań

Cracow Project conducted by Urban Management students

New perspective at the Cracow Podgórze

A group of Urban Management students went for a week-long trip to Cracow as part of their projects and practical classes. Students work there on a special project regarding the Cracow Podgórze, Vistula river, Płaszów port, Bagry bay and Płaszowski pond. 

It is a very significant part of Cracow that since 1915 has functioned as a separate Free Royal Podgórze City. Nowadays it is a dynamically evolving district, with an amazing architecture that has its historically most important part focused around the Podgórski Square and the small streets around it. The Cracow Podgórze is best known for the Krakus mound, Emalia Oskar Schindler factory, Bednarski park, which is one of Cracow’s most beautiful landscape parks, and numerous historical sights that remind us of all the cruel happenings in the Cracow ghetto.

Moreover, at the moment this district faces intense urbanization, focused mainly around industrial sites.

CDV students took part in meetings that were intensive both in terms of the area that was discussed and how the sessions looked like. They had a chance to talk to experts and scientists specializing in hydrology, environment conservation, urbanized areas and those knowing a lot about Cracow specifically.

Students were accompanied by CDV lecturers: Sylwia Mikołajczak i Huub Droogh.

“These were great, very substantive, but also positive meetings and works in the field. Studio Model has once again proven itself as a method of working with students on projects, also making a great impression among participants in meetings from Cracow.”
Sylwia Mikołajczak
Lecturer, Dean's Representative for the Urban Management course


Meeting with prof. dr hab. Jacek Antonkiewicz in Park Bednarski in Cracow
In a laboratory testing the use of e-waste in municipal wastewater treatment
Project meeting, meeting with prof. dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Wałęga

Work on the project will be continued.

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