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Diana Moloshnikova
Managment student


Creative Management


  • a marketing specialist
  • a project manager
  • an account manager in an advertising agency
  • an innovation manager
  • a product/service development manager
  • a research & development manager

Specialization paths:

  • creative marketing
  • innovation project management

Study description

Management in CDV is a novel approach to management processes that goes beyond conventional patterns. It revolves around the use of Design Thinking, teamwork focused on creative, imaginative problem solving as well as the search for innovative product and service ideas. Here, you’ll come across fascinating, practical aspects of applying knowledge and meet interesting and creative people who think outside the box.

At CDV, we focus on tools, methods, and models used by companies on a daily basis. As numerous classes are taught by business practitioners who share their experience and competencies, you can learn about real problems and specific business solutions.

Study in a different way in CDV


Learn from the best - put practice over theory

Up to 85% of the courses in CDV are purely practical. You gain knowledge and experience during workshops, exercises or internships, by cooperating with lecturers-practitioners. You will be supported in the development of practical skills by the Practicality Center, and your studies will be crowned with a bachelor's thesis.


You decide what you want to learn

The studies are tailored to the expectations and needs of each student. The university has prepared a number of interesting modules from which you can create your own timetable. You decide what you want to learn during your studies, you choose the modules that interest you and shape the path of your development!


Develop talent and do what you are good at!

Learning at CDV is based on a competence package defined for each field of study - the Da Vinci Model gives you a chance to flexibly create your education path with the support of experts, among others tutors, mentors or representatives of the business environment. We believe that everyone has an individual and unique potential, the development of which is the shortest way to mastery, success and life fulfillment. We will support you in discovering, strengthening and using in practice your natural predispositions.

Kea areas of the major curriculum:

Check what basic issues you will explore during your studies and choose additional modules according to your interests. Nothing prevents you from choosing classes in other fields - the choice is yours! Define your own learning path.

business innovation
strategic management
experience marketing
marketing research in 3D
business leadership
Service Design
finance and economics for managers
future competencies

Sample learning paths

Creative marketing

This path is suggested to those who want to work in creative sectors and marketing departments of companies.

Choose this path if you want to:

  • make practical use of the latest marketing tools and techniques
  • work in advertising, creative, and digital agencies
  • design modern marketing solutions for organizations
  • create new and develop existing products and services according to the latest trends

Career perspectives

  • marketing specialist
  • project manager
  • account manager in an advertising agency
  • product/service development manager

Suggested modules

  • megatrends – the process and stages of development
  • Design Thinking
  • marketing communication
  • brand building
  • relationship marketing
  • neuromarketing
  • negotiations and sales strategies for creative concepts
  • project management methods and techniques
  • sustainable development strategies

Remember that:

The Da Vinci education model allows you to completely personalize your educational path. You decide by yourself or with the support of a tutor what interests you and what you want to learn.

In the rapidly changing labor market, the most important, next to the directional competences, are the so-called competences of the future, such as creativity, team cooperation, entrepreneurship, or solving complex problems, which you will acquire at Collegium Da Vinci.

You decide what you learn! You choose the modules that interest you.

The university career office will help you find paid internships with our partners and find a job after graduation.

Average gross monthly salary in innovation departments in Poland:

Research and Development Specialist –  PLN 6,759 gross
Research and DevelopmentTeam Leader – PLN 8379 gross
Research and Development Manager – PLN 12,452 gross

Source: AG TEST HR salary reports Autumn 2017

Innovation project management

This path is suggested to those interested in project-based work on implementing innovation projects in various industries.

Choose this path if you want to:

  • effectively create innovative solutions for organizations
  • make practical use of the latest management techniques and methods
  • manage innovation projects
  • introduce changes and innovations in companies and organizations
  • effectively implement new concepts and development ideas

Career perspectives

  • project manager
  • innovation manager
  • research & development manager
  • product/service development manager

Suggested modules

  • Design Thinking
  • negotiations and sales strategies for creative concepts
  • megatrends
  • innovation management from idea to implementation
  • time management skills
  • facilitation process and facilitator’s role
  • project management methods and techniques
  • cultural event production
  • website content management systems
  • management methods and concepts

Remember that:

The Da Vinci education model allows you to completely personalize your educational path. You decide by yourself or with the support of a tutor what interests you and what you want to learn.

In the rapidly changing labor market, the most important, next to the directional competences, are the so-called competences of the future, such as creativity, team cooperation, entrepreneurship, or solving complex problems, which you will acquire at Collegium Da Vinci.

You decide what you learn! You choose the modules that interest you.

The university career office will help you find paid internships with our partners and find a job after graduation.

The most frequently offered remuneration for the position

Research and Development manager is PLN 10,000 gross
Project Manager earns on average PLN 7,000 gross


Opinions about the field of study

Kateryna Suprun

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    Why it’s the right choice?

    • Improving your résumé with additional certificates of competence

      When you complete specific modules during your studies, you’ll not only get a diploma, but also free certificates of competence for selected subjects that will boost your résumé.

    • Learning by doing

      We believe in learning by doing! 80% of practical classes, i.e. exercises and workshops in small task groups, are conducted by specialists and experts, mostly from Collegium Da Vinci’s partner companies.

    • Participating in and contributing to interesting industry events

      You’ll have the chance to contribute to thematic conferences and events, such as the annual HR Meeting conference.

    • Dissertation projects

      A dissertation project is usually a group project requiring students to develop solutions to real marketing problems.

    • Free software

      As a CDV student, you’ll have access to a free Microsoft Office Pro Plus 365 suite. At our university, you’ll also have the chance to work with the latest versions of Adobe software and Smaply, among others.

    • Optional additional certificates

      You can get numerous additional certificates from the university’s partner companies for completing projects during your classes. They include: Business Practice Case, Service Design Process and Tools, 3D Thinking in Research, Project Management, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking in Organizations, and Customer Journey Map Design.

    • Interesting class locations

      You’ll gain knowledge outside the walls of the university as well! Marketing research and innovation management classes are conducted in company headquarters and cultural institutions such as the Porta Posnania ICHOT, Miele, and Allegro.


    Full-time studies

    • 3 years


    • 6

      Number of semesters

    • 2497

      Number of hours

    Teaching staff

    Marcin Chłodnicki, PhD


    Marcin Chłodnicki, PhD


    expandAbout me

    expandA leading Polish specialist in the field of legal services marketing, advisor in the field of image, quality and shaping the legal practice with the client. Member – founder of Service Design Poland. Lecturer at Collegium Da Vinci and Poznan University of Economics and Business, member of the Service Design Network, European Academy of Marketing and co-founder of SDN Poland (Service Design Network Polish Chapter), one of the pioneers of the service design trend in Europe. He created a service design management methodology for the Institute of Industrial Design. He sat on the jury of the Good Design competition. He is the author of several dozen scientific articles, guidebooks and several books.

    expand“I graduated from a piano music school and now I play keyboards in a rock band, from time to time. I am also a player of the ice hockey team that takes part in league games, fortunately without great success. The gym torments me more than lectures at the university. “

    expandCurious about

    expandI am curious about people, new places, absurd (seemingly) ideas, and finally, some things. I am inspired by music, high mountains and wise people. No doubt, it’s people – talking to them, exchanging ideas, meeting – are the source of my best ideas and ventures.

    Dariusz Drążkowski


    Dariusz Drążkowski


    expandAbout me

    expandDoctor of social sciences in the field of psychology. Graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań (2011 – master of psychology). He defended his doctorate at this university in 2016. He works as an assistant professor at the Department of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the Adam Mickiewicz University.

    expandHe also lectures at WSB Poznań. Scientifically he deals with social psychology related to positive, consumer and health psychology. Author of over 30 publications in these areas. He received scholarships for outstanding young scientists of the Foundation for Polish Science and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He conducts classes in the field of social and consumer psychology.

    expandCurious about

    expandReconciling being a sufficiently good parent and husband with maintaining psychophysical well-being.

    Marta Poczta

    Lecturer, Tutor

    Marta Poczta

    Lecturer, Tutor

    About Me

    expandCertified business trainer, trainer, manager of international projects, academic lecturer, owner of the LINGOPOLIS training company and mobile language school. Since 2004, she has been actively involved in the development and training market.

    expandGraduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, at the Faculty of Modern Languages, major: Russian-English philology, She graduated from the SET Academy of Business Trainers School, MATRIK Management Trainers and Consultants Course. He is a certified facilitator of team coaching using the Action Learning method. He is a member of the MATRIK Management Consultants and Trainers Association and the Coordinator of the MATRIK Management Trainers Club of Wielkopolska.

    expandAs part of its training activities, it conducts specialized development workshops, including in the field of effective interpersonal communication, self-presentation and public speaking, sales and customer service, business negotiations, raising managerial and leadership competences, building commitment and motivation. He conducts trainings in both English and Russian.

    expandAs a trainer and lecturer, I have completed over 5,000 training hours.

    Curious about

    expandA lover of exotic travels and savoring regional cuisines of the world. Passionate about cinematography and Italian culture.

    Jakub Wierzbicki, Phd


    Jakub Wierzbicki, Phd


    About me:

    expandDoctor of Sciences in the field of psychology.

    expandGraduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań (2007 – MA in pedagogy: career and personal counseling, 2010 – MA in psychology: work and organizational psychology). In 2012, he completed postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management at the Adam Mickiewicz University. He defended his doctorate in psychology at the University of Gdańsk in 2017. He is interested in consulting, planned and planned removal issues and career management, group dynamics as well as economic psychology. Conducting in the field of competence competence in counseling and personal competence and competences.

    expandPrivately, a guardian of two dogs adopted from the shelter in Korabiewice: Hugo & Boss, with every free moment.

    Curious about:

    expandApart from the psychology of money and the consumer, i.e. a scientific passion, he enjoys running and cycling. He loves opera and musicals.

    Fees and discounts

    Take advantage of CDV and WSNHID Graduate Discount!

    Special discount for CDV and WSNHID graduates!

    • 0 PLN
      registration fee
    • 240 EUR
      exemption from one of the 12 installments for full-time studies

    Registration fee

    • 85 PLN
      from October 1

    Full-time studies one-year tuition

    • 12x
      240 EUR
      payment in 12 installments
    • 2x
      1440 EUR
      payment in 2 installments
    • 1x
      2880 EUR
      one-time payment

    At Collegium Da Vinci, you can apply for the same scholarships as public university students, a special scholarship awarded by the Chancellor, and a student allowance.

    Check discounts Check discounts


    The application form must be filled out in English.


    *Please make sure that your personal data is correct

    1)  Documents from the application platform must be printed out and signed on each page: personal questionnaire, application, agreement (2 copies), regulations for fees (2 copies) and student oath.

    *applicants under 18 should also remember:

    agreement and regulations for fees shoul be signed not only by the applicants, but also by the parents/parent or legal guardian, parents/ parents or legal guardian should fill out the statement

    * signature should include: name, surname and your personal handwritten signature.

    2 ) High school certificate or relevant document obtained abroad, legalized or with an apostille  attached (if the country that issued your certificate is on the list), which authorizes you to apply for enrolment at a higher learning institution. This must be in line with Polish regulations on the recognition of foreign school certificates.

    *Non-legalized documents will not be accepted in Poland for the process of recognition of your certificate acquired with foreign education documents not later than the end of the first study semester. The recognition of the high school certificate takes place in Kuratorium Oświaty in Poznan.

    3) Eligibility letter – confirmation from the Ministry of Education stating that your high school certificate certificate (serial number) issued by (name of school or other institution that gave you this certificate) on the date gives you permission to continue studies at the university level.

    4) Confirmation of registration fee

    0 Euro early registration until 12.07.2022
    20 Euro – from 13.07.2022
    CDV account details for registration fee payment:

    BZ WBK S.A

    Ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 2-8

    53-569 Wrocław

    PL 79 1090 1476 0000 0001 3626 7962


    *Please remember that if you have not received your high school certificate as well as eligibility letter yet, your application may get the status of place reservation only on the basis of the signed application documents.

    *Please, keep in mind that all documents submitted in a language other than Polish, Russian, Ukrainian or English must be translated into Polish by a sworn-in translator.

    Your documents should be sent on email and after verification to the address below:

    Collegium Da Vinci

    International Student Office

    10 Gen. T. Kutrzeby Street

    61-719 Poznań



    Your English Language level- B1 (Intermediate) can be proved:

    Option 1: International English language certificate

    Option 2: English proficiency examination, consisting of two parts: written test and oral communication.

    It will be held by means of distance communication (Google Form, Zoom). Detailed information on the organization will be sent by e-mail after registering for the examination.

    Examination dates:

    • 26.04.2022
    • 19.05.2022
    • 14.06.2022
    • 27.06.2022
    • 07.07.2022
    • 27.07.2022
    • 08.08.2022
    • 25.08.2022
    • 05.09.2022
    • 22.09.2022

    The date for the interview is to be confirmed with International Student Coordinator.

    After all the required original documents are positively verified, the status of your application will be “accepted”

    International Student Coordinator will transfer you a proper set of documents that confirm your status and may be used for visa purposes.

    * visa procedures may also require full annual tuition payment upon applying

    Consult us to know the specific details:

    • Please remember to obtain your insurance policy that will cover medical treatment costs incurred in the event of illness or accident while studying in Poland or an European Health Insurance Card. This document is important for your safe stay in Poland.
    • CDV offers student dormitory Polonez Student Depot that is only 5 mins walk from the university.

    Polonez Student Depot

    Applicants with “place reservation” status receive an email from International Student Coordinator with booking details.

    • What do I have to do once I come to Poland?
      Important! Once you come to Poland start the process of recognition of your certificate acquired with foreign education documents. Bring the decision of recognition to your coordinator not later than the end of the first study semester. The recognition of the high school certificate takes place in Kuratorium Oswiaty in Poznan.


    Kuratorium Oświaty w Poznaniu
    ul. Kościuszki 93, 61-716 Poznań
    tel. (61) 854 17 26, fax (61) 852 31 69

    For the purpose of recognition, the student has to bring documents translated into Polish by a certified/sworn translator.

    • Remember that for minors living in Poland without parents, it is very important to get a legal guardian.

    Do you have any questions? Please contact me!

    Kateryna Suprun

    +48 697 691 256


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    61-719 Poznań

    Room R006, floor 0


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