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"Everything Connects to Everything Else" At Collegium Da Vinci we are open to each other and to other people. We are curious about different perspectives and opinions, thus we carry out a number of interesting projects aimed at our students, referring to their interests and fields of study.

The place for the curious

Curiosity is the most powerful personality trait that pushes people to constant development. CDV is a place where students acquire knowledge with interest and pleasure.  Students, graduates and employees are not only interested in the world, but also full of passion for discovering new things and positively influencing their surroundings.

Our fields of study are interesting and innovative, created in cooperation with employers and according to the basic trends of the global economy and the direction of changes in the dynamic labor market. Our graduates find a job in accordance with their interests and education.

Collegium Da Vinci is one of the best private universities in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, and our best ambassadors are great students and graduates, our teaching staff, business partners and authorities are always open to young generations.

“I am an incorrigible optimist who likes people and is very curious about the world. I have not "taught" for a long time but "I help to understand". Today's world is very complicated, especially in the dimension of technology, that is why it is more important to "understand" sth than "to know" it . People and their stories inspire me. Determination and energy that are dormant in people are powerful, we are often not aware of them. At Collegium Da Vinci, we make every effort to releal our students potential and learn to adapt to the rapidly changing labour market. ”
Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Nowakowski
Rector of Collegium Da Vinci

Collegium Da Vinci – the place for the curious

Quality policy

The high quality of education at Collegium Da Vinci will be guaranteed by the implemented and constantly improved Internal Quality Assurance System that takes into account the specific needs of the university.

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